Inner Tapping


(Free Video Presentation) If you want to target the root cause of fears, beliefs, and blocks, Inner Tapping can help. And it is a potent way to unfreeze old traumas still stuck in your energy system.

Trauma and the Primitive Brain

Trauma and the Primitive Brain-Thriving Now

(Free Video Presentation) Would you ask a 3-year-old what house to buy? Do you ask a 5-year-old who to date? If you have unresolved traumas from when you were 3- or 5-years-old, these frozen memories may have more impact on these adult decisions than you might think. You can find out what might be blocking you by watching this video…

Listening To Last Week’s Weather Reports

Stuck in the Rain

Would you listen to a recording of last week’s (or last decade’s) weather report, no matter how dire it was, and feel panicked? Run for the tornado shelter? Probably not. Yet our old rules often have us acting just as strangely NOW!

How Do I Stay Grounded When My Ex is a Nut?!


Dealing with my ex-wife is a nightmare (I think she’s a narcissist).  I never know if she’s going to be nice or emotionally and verbally attack me in front of our kids. I’ve tried being nice, but I never know what to expect. I want to handle this better and show my kids a better […]

Always Fighting and In Conflict

Picking a Fight

Growing up, I got in a lot of fights. If someone tried to bully me, I would fight back, even if I got beat up. Now I tend to resort to anger more than I want. Even if my boss pushes me to do something. Is there a way to change this? –Kelly Your primitive brain has three options: flight, fight […]

Love and The Fear of Rejection

Judged and Rejected

Fear of rejection is something most of us struggle with. We want to reach out, we want to connect… but we hesitate. Rejection can hurt so much! Parents often use fear of rejection to domesticate us. We learn that we need to conform to their expectations or be excluded and unloved. In school, we learn […]