Releasing Financial Stress From Your Body


If there is no safe place to express and release our financial stress and worries, they can “show up” in our bodies. It is critical that in turbulent times such as the ones we are living through that we have a way, a place and a method to express our fears, worries, and helplessness. Otherwise, the emotional stress and conflict gets “downloaded” into and absorbed by our bodies. EFT is of course one of the most efficient and satisfying ways to deal with these worries and pains.

Trauma and the Primitive Brain

Trauma and the Primitive Brain-Thriving Now

(Free Video Presentation) Would you ask a 3-year-old what house to buy? Do you ask a 5-year-old who to date? If you have unresolved traumas from when you were 3- or 5-years-old, these frozen memories may have more impact on these adult decisions than you might think. You can find out what might be blocking you by watching this video…

Tapping for Improved Focus


How can I use Tapping (EFT) to give me better focus? -Ann What we recommend is that you start the tapping by including how you feel right now… scattered, stressed, and chaotically trying to multitask 100 things at once… while giving your energy an intentional direction: relaxed, open, focused. Karate Chop: Even though I feel […]

Old Endings New Beginnings

– Giving up magical thinking
– Letting go means admitting I made a mistake
– Seeing self as a stronger person
– I’m doing all the work

Letting Go of Holiday Stress

– Family Acceptance and expectations
– Loneliness
– Obligations
– Money stress
– I won’t feel happy
– Finding my tribe

Overwhelm: When We MUST DO… or DIE!

When we feel overwhelmed, our primitive brain kicks in and starts putting all of our tasks in the “must do to survive” bucket. We MUST feed the kids, MUST do the wash, MUST pay the bills, MUST return a call, and MUST get the Halloween decorations up… or WE WILL DIE.