TapTalkRadio #37 – Feeling Stuck!

When you’re stuck, sometimes the best thing you can do is accept yourself right where you are. It seems counter-intuitive, but there are times when we need to slow down to speed up. Tap along to start moving again!

I Do NOT Want to be HERE!

It’s perfectly natural to want to be somewhere else (or even be someone else) when we hurt. We just don’t want to feel what we feel when it isn’t pleasant… especially when we don’t know how to start feeling better.

Self-Sabotage: I Don’t Deserve What I Want

One of the reasons people don’t succeed is because some part of them doesn’t believe they deserve to have success. It could be because you spilled grape juice on the carpet when you were 2, or that you felt too needy when you were 3. Whatever it is, it may be holding you back now.