Trauma and the Primitive Brain

Trauma and the Primitive Brain-Thriving Now

(Free Video Presentation) Would you ask a 3-year-old what house to buy? Do you ask a 5-year-old who to date? If you have unresolved traumas from when you were 3- or 5-years-old, these frozen memories may have more impact on these adult decisions than you might think. You can find out what might be blocking you by watching this video…

Sara’s Trauma Story

Sara had a pretty normal, healthy childhood. Her parents mostly were available and loving. She wasn’t abused. She lived in a nice neighborhood and had friends she really liked. She did well in school. You wouldn’t expect her to need to know about Trauma Relief.

Little “t” Traumas - The Stick On The Path

The little girl was having such a nice day, running and playing in the fields barefoot on the farm. Her mother called her from the house. “Lunch time!” She ran down the path headed for food. A stick was on the path, and being barefoot, she jumped over it. And it MOVED!