Trauma and the Primitive Brain

Trauma and the Primitive Brain-Thriving Now

(Free Video Presentation) Would you ask a 3-year-old what house to buy? Do you ask a 5-year-old who to date? If you have unresolved traumas from when you were 3- or 5-years-old, these frozen memories may have more impact on these adult decisions than you might think. You can find out what might be blocking you by watching this video…

Need Help Setting Priorities…Too Much To Do!


I really just want to know how to be able to do the important tasks… instead of all of them. I need help prioritizing. –Debbie How are you deciding what tasks are important? Many of us are tuned to external direction. We get bombarded with different priorities from our boss, our spouse, our friends, advertising […]

Not Feeling Much… Want To Feel Good!

Not Feeling Much

I want to feel love and happiness. Right now I feel kind of blah. I don’t get much intensity about things, but I don’t feel very good either. I’ve done a lot of tapping, and I tried other things to help. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m feeling. What can I do to feel […]

I Want To Get Moving

– What do you notice when you think of exercise?
– I might get hurt
– I can’t do anything
– longevity requires extreme physical work
– What if movement can be fun and life-affirming?
– What if you invited your body along instead of forcing it?

Always a New Year

Each day offers us an opportunity to look at where we’ve come from and re-evaluate where we’re going. Right NOW, all of us have new year… bright and shiny… stretched out before us. We need not wait for the next New Year’s Day. If you find the tapping helpful, please share this with a friend […]

The First Step… Sometimes Blocked

“The most important thing is simply to start.” For those that CAN, this is great advice. The challenge is when RESISTANCE prevents us from feeling SAFE taking any starting action at all. This is where tapping and coaching can help.