I’m Afraid To Move Forward

Doubts in the Morning

I think I’m stuck. I’ve been doing tapping and studying the Law of Attraction and most of the time I feel really good. But first thing every morning I have a strong fear coming up. I worry that I’m just wasting my time with this. What can I do? – Ivy It sounds like part […]

It’s Not Really Mine Anyway… Letting In Abundance

Not Allowing

Do you let yourself “own” your abundance? Most of us would immediately say, “Yes, of course. I just want more!” But if you dig a little deeper, you may find some old patterns and fears lurking in the shadows, blocking your enjoyment and and how much you let in. Do you feel like your money […]

Did You Bring Enough For Everyone? Blocks to Abundance From Kindergarten

School Troubles

Are you blocking or hiding abundance because of old rules? One of the phrases many of us heard when we were young was “Did you bring enough for everyone?” It could have been candy, gum, a special toy, or a fun comic book. It didn’t matter… that was the catch phrase a lot of teachers […]

Accepting Love: Receiving Love From Yourself and Others

– Deserving: I have to earn it or be good enough
– Freedom: If I accept love will I owe you? Will you try to control me?
– Will love go away and will I hurt more?
– Selling stuff vs offering and receiving love
– Allowing Love and Money
– Why would he really love me if I look like this?

Balancing Past, Present, and Future Selves

– Sending gifts to your past and present selves
– Finding balance and presence in the Now
– Goals override needs for rest
– Spent lots of time as a kid imaging the future
– Heavy feelings from the past
– I don’t clean for myself

Ancestral Beliefs: Identifying, Releasing, and Healing with Carol Look, EFT Master

Cathy talks with Carol Look, EFT Master, a highly respected leader in the field of Tapping, Law of Attraction, and Abundance. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her work, Carol is remarkably talented, and we love how she shares advanced concepts in a way that really makes sense. Her advice is practical and yet […]

I MUST Hold On To This Feeling

When we start feeling good, our fears can get in the way of enjoying contentment and self-acceptance. Especially if we haven’t had a lot of experience with basking in good feelings, we may be TERRIFIED of losing them.