Clearing Clutter with EFT (Tapping)


A person definitely has a clutter problem when all the stuff in their home, office, and inbox drains their energy a lot more than it gives them joy.

The things people have around them can add comfort, ease, abundance, and playfulness… but when they go from enhancing their life, to being their life, it’s time to get help.

Physical clutter creates emotional clutter… lower self-esteem, lower confidence, and lower vibration. It can detract from their relationships, make them avoid connecting with people, and flood their emotions with overwhelm and embarrassment. And it can hit a person in the wallet, too. From the boss not thinking they’re organized enough for that bigger project… to the items they buy a second or third time because they can’t find them among ALL THAT STUFF.

When people have a Clutter Problem, it feels like the “stuff” is in charge and there isn’t anyway to find clear space and ease again. The struggle to regain control over the Clutter becomes a bigger and bigger part of their lives.

Some people have been struggling with Clutter so long they gave up hope. Others are CONVINCED they’ll get the clutter cleared THIS time… but they repeat the same failed approaches over and over again… wasting time, energy and focus.

One of the big myths around Clutter is that the problem is “out there.” That if they can just get a handle on the stuff, everything will finally be organized and tidy. People put more and more effort into the external work, even hiring professionals to help them, yet never make a fundamental change in how they live. They spin their wheels and make a lot of noise, but never get anywhere. Their life passes them by, and they just sink further and further into the mess.

The truth is… Clutter can never be fixed permanently until a person focuses internally. When people clear their beliefs around lack and fear, when they transform their blocks around dealing with the emotional energy in their stuff, Clearing Clutter become easy! It can even be fun!

Carol and Rick’s Clearing Clutter with EFT program helped me let go of enough stuff to clear my spare bedroom.  I love having the space to share with friends and relatives!  And when my daughter called one day needing a place to stay for a few months starting the next day, I could say, “Yes!” —Barb Bickford, Madison, WI

We invite you to join us on this profound journey into yourself, where you can finally shift your energy around stuff, once and for all.

EFT experts Carol Look and Rick Wilkes lead you through a compassionate experience of self-discovery and release. They’ll help you find freedom and ease around your clutter, and help you create a space that is loving and nurturing to you and your loved ones.

IMMEDIATE ACCESS! You can download the audios onto your phone or ipod or computer. Listen as Rick & Carol help you explore and understand your clutter issues, then lead you through lots of Tapping to transform those issues into self-knowledge and confidence.

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to see the clutter in your life naturally and easily flowing into organization and ease!

Rick and Carol address the topic of clutter from every possible angle—emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual. Listening and tapping along will change the way you deal with any kind of clutter and help release the reasons you have this challenge. They’ll help you clear all the residual blocks and the subconscious resistances so you can create the life you want.

Carol’s and Rick’s work goes right into the heart of matter of what’s holding people back and provides the clarity, support and tools to move forward with ease. —Marie Fowler, MSW, Tempe, AZ

Cluttered home? Tap for trying to “fill” the void left by feelings of lack and scarcity.

Cluttered office? Delve into the deep emotional reasons people feel compelled to “hold onto” their “stuff.”

Cluttered life blocking abundance? Tap yourself free of the clutter and allow your life to unfold the way you wish.

The audios make it easy to access Rick and Carol’s energy and insight where ever you are. The comprehensive program includes transcripts as well for easy reference.

Transform Your Energy and be Clutter Free with EFT!

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Rick Wilkes
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Carol Look
EFT Master

Clearing Clutter with EFT is delivered to you electronically, too, so it won’t add to your clutter! Enjoy the 5 hours of coaching and tapping audios along with the 148-page PDF Transcript at your own pace.


“I always viewed clutter as the physical stacks of papers and things I just hadn’t gotten myself to sort through yet. And I was always going to get to them… soon… but ‘soon’ never seemed to arrive. The insights that Carol and Rick share have shifted that completely. They helped me see that many of the objects in the piles are there because of a fear or block. The tapping in the recordings helped shift my resistance. I found myself having fun cleaning my garage, and I love the energetic space it gave me. They also extended my definition of clutter to include scheduling, emotional, and spiritual issues… where the same principles and exercises apply. They make it easy and fun! Highly recommended!” —Cathy Vartuli, PhD, EFT-ADV

“If you’ve spent time grappling with any sort of clutter, then you’ve probably suspected that this uphill battle has more to do with emotional resistance than technique. Carol Look and Rick Wilkes have created a comprehensive and easy to follow program that combines multiple insights into what keeps us stuck with advanced EFT skills to release this challenge from all areas of our lives… Clearing up these cluttering emotions has freed up new space in my life for abundance — I’ve attracted and seen more clients this week than ever before! Thank you Carol and Rick for your great skill, effectiveness and generosity so clearly evident in Clearing Clutter with EFT. I have already begun to recommend this program to clients and colleagues.” —Beth Sorger, LCSW, EFT Practitioner

“I have to say that I’m very impressed with the areas that you have targeted using EFT. I’ve tried to use other “de-cluttering” and “organizing” systems and approaches over the years (I ended up with a lot of books to add to my clutter) and have had only short term success at best. I’m finding that as I’ve begun the process of clearing some of the familial and generational issues you’ve presented, I’m finally acknowledging them and starting to dig away at the roots of what have kept me so stuck–and that’s after only a few hours of listening, following along with the transcript, and doing the exercises!” —Michelle, Ohio

“Much gratitude to you and Rick for putting these audios together. I am on my seventh joyous week of clearing clutter, I listen over and over and it really does what it says on the tin. Bit by bit, I am working my way around my home and my life removing clutter and making way for abundance… literally (just found €150 in the attic). Previously I wouldn’t even be in the attic because I was soooooo blocked around that. Also got rid of another three bags of stuff. I know when to stop and take a rest, listening to my body. Tapping when I need to tap on whatever comes up. I highly recommend this course.. its truly life changing and really does raise your vibration.” —Susan Browne, EFT Practitioner, Counsellor and personal development workshop facilitator, Ireland.

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  • JST Books

    Getting rid of your clutter means throwing it away, recycling it, donating it, or selling it. Try this strategy to tackle a junky room, garage, attic, closet, or basement and sort its contents into four boxes for decluttering your home.

    • Thriving Now

      When someone without emotional blocks is tackling their clutter, four boxes for trash, recycle, donate, and sell is how they can do it. However, when you feel that “letting go” of that ashtray your Aunt Mary gave you (even though you never smoked) makes you feel guilty… well, that is where Tapping comes in!)

  • jest me

    I find that taking a photograph of something that has emotion tied to it is the same as keeping the item.  I can still look at it and reminisce if I choose, but it takes up a lot less space.  Plus, I can use the photos for ebay.  😉

    • Thriving Now

      Taking a photo as a keepsake is an excellent idea for helping to clear the clutter. Thanks for the tip!