#13 – How do you handle a chronic condition?

Listen (18:35) or Download MP3 EFT-Talk Podcast #13 — How do you handle a chronic condition? Whether you are stuck in pain, a terrible relationship, or a cruddy job, you have got to make the best of it… and that starts by changing your focus. – Don’t let others dictate your focus; choose it consciously. […]

Excitement! Peak Performance! or Simply Joy Full

If you are needing peak experiences to feel good, YES, you have a problem. You can’t hold onto the feeling. The internal chemistry and focus needed just are not available for extended periods of time. Drive drive drive yourself to win at anything, and the ensuing refractory (rest) period that follows may be deeply unsettling to you. Depression is common. And when another win (bigger, of course) does not follow soon… despair and hopelessness can set in. And if not those, an underlying angst that life just isn’t feeling as exciting as you’d like it to be.

#12 – How does EFT fit into the New Energy Medicine?

Listen (19:44) or Download MP3 EFT-Talk Podcast #12 — How does EFT fit into the New Energy Medicine? The New Medicine is a holistic approach to healing the bodymind, respecting all complementary approaches to restoring and improving natural healing responses. EFT plays a key role by offering self-empowerment and increased self-awareness. – Treating “symptoms” to […]

All This Practice and Never Perfect

Sometimes those who are still “wanting” and searching for emotional freedom can feel shocked and even lose hope if they perceive that their teachers are not perfect. Why should they ever feel impatient or ANY negative emotion if this stuff “really works?”

Feel Good About What You Offer Using EFT

It is critical to feel good about what you are offering, whether you are an EFT practitioner, a massage therapist, a janitor, a soccer coach, or a parent. Forget what you think “might sell” or what “they” want right now. If you do not feel and behave in an authentic way when you are “advertising” your product or service, advice or guidance, you will lose customers (meaning your audience) right and left…

EFT to Stop Vibrational Decline

EFT-Talk Podcast #2 — How do you know what your vibration is? Emotional self-management is not just a key to a thriving life; it is the key to avoiding the pain of chronic health conditions as well. Almost all the mystery diseases begin with periods of intense, prolonged stress. Yes, we can clean up a lot of those energies long after the fact using EFT. But once they have manifested in your physiology… once these energies have produced painful conditions, habitual chemical reactions, and conditioned negative thoughts, it will take more time and persistence than most people expect to get on and stay on the road to optimal health.