Attracting Abundance with EFT – Review

As an emotional freedom coach, I find that many clients have anxiety and worry around money and success. Inside, they know they have not reached their potential for financial abundance. They have resistance, fears, guilt, past failures, inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs about money that block their ability to use the law of attraction to allow well-being to flow into their lives. I highly recommend this book to my clients, and it is the study guide we use in our Thriving Now Team’s Attracting Financial Abundance workshops.

Carol Look: Attracting Abundance with EFT E-Book – Second Edition Released

EFT Master Carol Look has now published the second edition of her best-selling book, Attracting Abundance with EFT. This book steps you through Carol’s unique approach to attracting financial abundance with EFT. I have had the pleasure of reading and re-reading this book several times throughout its development, tapping along with the exercises and doing the Abundance Games she includes. It is outstanding, and as you can see from the table of contents (see article), Carol covers a broad range of issues providing the EFT setup phrase, a standard tapping round, and an empowering positive round in a way that leaves you feeling energized. The second edition includes ten new abundance tapping sequences and new chapters covering Specific Events, Tell the Story, Finding Your EFT Target, and The Intensity Rating. It is available both as an e-book (electronic book) with audio recordings included in MP3 format and as a paperback (without audios).

Healing the Cycle of Addiction with EFT

Treating addictions with EFT requires an understanding of the stages of addictive behavior and a directness that cuts through the smoke and mirrors that those who are addicted use to hide their behaviors and feelings of guilt and shame from others… and from themselves. Both Carol Look and David Rourke are EFT masters with extensive experience working with addictions. In this audio CD set, they take both professionals and lay people through nearly 7 hours of coaching and practical applications.