Jealousy and Envy – 2006-03-12

When we feel jealousy (fearful or wary of being supplanted, or of losing affection or position) or envy (a feeling of discontentment and resentment aroused by desire for the possessions or qualities of another), we can use EFT on the body sensations and use re-perceiving to empower ourselves.

Anger – 2006-03-10

The emotional journey from disempowerment to joy… usually goes right through anger. And anger feels SO much better than despair, grief, and hopelessness. Good! Take time with yourself, be angry, use EFT, and keep moving up the vibrational scale. These audio sessions give you examples on how to do just that.

NO! You Can’t Make Me!

When we demonstrate our own personal power to resist and say NO, we feel in control. And that feels good. Yet, sometimes we resist that which is our own stated best interest. We say NO to ourselves! We say NO to our own positive choices.

Physical Pain – 2006-03-05

Pain in the body can be emotional in nature, related to a physical trauma, or a combination. In this session we explore aspects of physical pain and how we can use EFT to soothe the pain from unbearable to “I can live with that.”