Healing the Cycle of Addiction with EFT

Treating addictions with EFT requires an understanding of the stages of addictive behavior and a directness that cuts through the smoke and mirrors that those who are addicted use to hide their behaviors and feelings of guilt and shame from others… and from themselves. Both Carol Look and David Rourke are EFT masters with extensive experience working with addictions. In this audio CD set, they take both professionals and lay people through nearly 7 hours of coaching and practical applications.

#24 – Vibrational approach to healing

Listen (17:57) or Download MP3 EFT-Talk Podcast #24 – Vibrational Approach to Healing – Use your emotions to change your vibrational health FIRST – Lots of tension, urgency, and fear in a diagnosis – Tension and anxiety make pain worse – Don’t DENY real feelings – Tapping: “I’m not doing enough!” – Becoming relaxed… and […]