EFT to Stop Vibrational Decline

EFT-Talk Podcast #2 — How do you know what your vibration is? Emotional self-management is not just a key to a thriving life; it is the key to avoiding the pain of chronic health conditions as well. Almost all the mystery diseases begin with periods of intense, prolonged stress. Yes, we can clean up a lot of those energies long after the fact using EFT. But once they have manifested in your physiology… once these energies have produced painful conditions, habitual chemical reactions, and conditioned negative thoughts, it will take more time and persistence than most people expect to get on and stay on the road to optimal health.

Intentionally Feel Good Using EFT and the Law of Attraction

EFT-Talk Podcast #1 — Why raise your vibration? What I teach as an emotional freedom coach is how to use EFT to clear the blocks to feeling good—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Yet, the first step has to be a choice you make—a choice to intentionally enhance your life experience. It will require long term (lifetime) attention to vibration—your emotional state—along with the intentional use of tools like EFT in order to feel as good as you have the potential to feel.

#11 – How can I handle success using EFT and gratitude lists?

Listen (18:46) or Download MP3 EFT-Talk Podcast #11 — How can I handle success using EFT and gratitude lists? What is your image of success? Does it feel successful when you try it on? In this EFT podcast, Carol and Rick tap into the energy of success using EFT and gratitude lists, and… – Create […]

#10 – How often should I tap with EFT for a chronic condition?

Listen (17:33) or Download MP3 EFT-Talk Podcast #10 — How often should I tap with EFT for a chronic condition? Self-care when you have a chronic condition (physical, emotional, financial, relationship) is SO crucial, yet often people who have such a chronic condition are so overwhelmed by it that they can’t find the time to […]

EFT For a Healthier Sex Drive

My husband is an incredible man, and I have always found him attractive, but since having children, getting “in the mood” has been really hard to do. After tending the kids from dawn to after dark—all day and then sometimes at night too—I found myself often “too tired”. I have always felt bad about this because I wished that I did have desire for sex more often, but no matter how hard I tried my sex drive was elusive much of the time.

What Is EFT Talk?

EFT Talk is a new audio program (podcast) with myself and Carol Look. Both Carol and I believe that the best way to raise your vibration is to use EFT regularly on many different aspects of your life. This raises your vibration, and from a higher vibration you start experiencing through the Law of Attraction situations and opportunities more “in tune” with your higher vibration. Visit www.eft-talk.com to learn more!