I Forgive Myself For Not Sleeping

Tired woman in front of computer

Do you blame yourself when you don’t get enough sleep? From “one more tv show,” or “one more page of a book”…To not being able to tell that chatty friend you had to go… To the tossing and turning because of a racing mind that just won’t shut up… Most of us have spent a […]

Do You Really Deserve to Sleep?


Do you believe you deserve to sleep? If not… It may be hard to “find” the time or focus to clear your blocks around getting rest. We encourage you to test this out and see if you’re free of limiting beliefs around sleep. Limiting beliefs: The goal here is to identify the limiting beliefs that […]

Sweet Simple Sleep…

Sleep Now...

Last night I listened to the first Guided Visualization in the Sleep Now program… and I slept all night with a sacred level of inner peace. Cathy and I are deeply grateful to those who are co-creating this sweet energy with us. The door is open. The invitation is yours… here… now. If you’d like […]

Nothing’s Going To Work For Me (Around Sleep)…


If you’re curious about our approach to improving sleep and erasing the habits and patterns that cause frustration and anxiety around sleeping… We’d like to invite you to a complementary webinar this Sunday.

Sleep and Confidence…


What do sleep and confidence have to do with each other? Could lack of sleep or trouble sleeping really reduce your confidence? Media makes it seem that you can push through exhaustion and be outgoing, positive, and powerful, no matter what, (as long as you buy the right deodorant, clothing, makeup, and cars). But the […]

Treating Yourself Right For Deep, Soothing Sleep…


How do you treat yourself at night? I mean… If you’re thirsty, or cold, or have to pee… How do you respond to your needs? Are you gentle and loving, getting yourself that glass of water, the soft, extra blanket, the trip to the restroom, and then tucking yourself back in bed? Or do you […]