Tapping When Things Are Just Too HEAVY…

Too much

Sometimes we run into something that just seems too hard to do. For different reasons it can feel as impossible as trying to lift a 10,000 lb weight, as we talked about in our last message. Through a lot of trail and error, I’ve learned that the first thing I need to check is my […]

Do You Feel The Way You Want To, Right Now?


Can you take a deep breath…right now? Scan your body and tune in, just for a minute. Do you feel the way you want to? I’m guessing you’d like to feel calm and confident. Vital and present. Rested and with a body that is ready to take on the day. Instead, if you’re like me, […]

Who IS that person?!?!


Who IS that person?!?! I’ve said things I cannot BELIEVE came out of my mouth. You, too? I’ve committed to myself that I would do something important to my well-being and found myself procrastinating or distracting myself with Facebook and web surfing. You, too? I’ve at times wanted to curl up in a ball, or […]

Tired of sitting on the sidelines?


Are you tired of watching other people connect and build relationships while you hold yourself back? I know I was. Time after time, I’d see people joke, laugh, and feel rejuvenated by the friendships and love they built. I felt so awkward. So out of place. I tried so hard, but I never seemed to […]

Authenticity Requires Vulnerability


Encased in a shell, or locked inside the walls of an emotional castle, who gets to know who we really are? NO ONE! NOT EVEN OURSELVES! And that is terribly sad to me. I want to know who you really are… and to know who I really am… and to know who we are in relationship to one another.

Why is Vulnerability so important?


Why would anyone want to be vulnerable?? It’s the secret sauce that allows people to connect with warmth and caring. It’s the way we can make the biggest difference and be the most authentic. It’s how we touch others hearts and lives. It’s how we leave a legacy that resonates for generations. When we’re vulnerable, we share […]