Treating Yourself Right For Deep, Soothing Sleep…


Thank you so much for all the replies, votes, and suggestions about the title of our new program! We read every submission and tallied the votes. One of the titles was a strong winner! If you’d like to know which one… the announcement at the bottom of this email tells you when and where! And […]

Thank you! And Tapping For Sleep…


Yeah!! We love seeing your answers about the title for the new Sleep Program! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us tune this program for you! If you didn’t vote yet, you still can. Just comment below and tell us if you like 1 or 2 better! Option 1) Reprogram Your Sleep: […]

Which Would You Choose?


Thank you so much for your feedback and sharing around sleep. Between the 1118 of you who answered our survey on sleep… to the people who replied so vulnerably and with deep caring to the emails and shared your questions, struggles, and challenges with sleep… we got valuable insights into your sleep challenges. We’d love […]

The Hidden Trauma of Sleep…


Ever wonder why it’s so hard to sleep? Yeah, we’re all taught to say it’s work and life stress, something we ate, that tussle we had with a friend, partner or co-worker… But really, lying there, mentally “chewing” on the things that happened during the day is rarely useful. And most people report that they […]

Wow! Thank you.


Wow! Thank you. 879 people have answered the Survey on Sleep. We love the thoughtful answers and the insights you shared. If you haven’t gotten a chance to let us know how you sleep, we’d definitely love to hear from you, too. Take the Sleep Survey Now The results were surprising… We knew people had trouble […]