Why Is Now The Perfect Time To Make A Change?

First, we’d like to invite you to join us, at no cost, for Money And The Primitive Brain, tonight!

We’ll be discussing and tapping on the top 3 ways the primitive brain can sabotage your efforts to have a better relationships with money and abundance, and how you can transform that relationship to have it HELP you with your financial goals and dreams. (Even if you can’t make it live, you can get the recording at the same link, about an hour after the call is over.)

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Second, (and if this isn’t something you connect with, tune in tomorrow for some tapping on the primitive brain that will help you clear and empower your life) we’ve heard from a number of you that you were concerned about the timing of Reprogram Your Primitive Brain. Not only is Mercury in Retrograde, when its generally suggested you NOT make big decisions, but the Full Moon is an emotional time for some people.

mercuryMercury in Retrograde (June 7 to July 2, 2014) is considered a time when planning for the future is difficult, and actions that create new opportunities can be challenging. But Mercury in Retrograde is actually a GREAT time to clean up OLD stuff… which is one of the primary focuses of Reprogram Your Primitive Brain. We guide you to clearing out old blocks and negative beliefs so you can walk through the rest of your life with a new ease and achieve the dreams you always longed for!

AND this Full Moon is in Sagittarius… and as one of Rick’s coaching friends, Julie Zipper, points out, this full moon is special.

Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about listening to that internal compass within you~ the knower within you that knows the way, and being willing to move in that direction… toward your fullest bloom, your highest potentiality… without being able to see it :) 

Right now, there is a seed of an idea in your heart and mind. It could be for better health, it could be for a more aligned career, it could be for a juicy, heart-centered relationship… and your human-ness doesn’t know how the heck that’s going to happen (or any number of excuses/limiting beliefs that crop up). Are you willing to plant that seed and let it become a sprout? Are you willing to trust the path, and have faith that your seed of an idea can make it through stones and roots, and eventually become the beautiful wildflower of manifested good? Are you ready to trust the knower within you to know the way? 

If so… expansion awaits you. Highest good awaits you. 


If you ever thought that you would FINALLY get to have your dreams come true when the stars align… know that they ARE aligned now. And you deserve to use this energy, this alignment to sooth and accelerate your journey to the life your heart longs for. Join us!


May Your Heart’s Longings Be Met,

Rick and Cathy