NEW! Primitive Brain Course Lower Price Options

We heard back from soooo many people that money is a real challenge for them right now. Having the parking brake on for so long has made their finances their core issue. We really appreciate all those who vulnerably shared their situation with us.

We’ve decided to offer a way for you to participate in the Reprogram Your Primitive Brain Program for $100 less… just $197 or three payments of $74. The still-available $297 option now includes EXTRA! support. You can review the options and sign-up for the program (which begins next Monday!) here:

We’ve extended the deadline to sign-up to Thursday midnight.

We know summer is busy for many people. What we also know is that the program was designed in 10-20 minute bite-sized pieces that you can do at your pace. If you cannot attend one of the two live calls each week, as many cannot, you can submit your questions and listen and tap along with us using the recordings at your convenience. Doesn’t that make it easy?

TOO BUSY is one way the primitive brain keeps you stuck. Indeed, the most self-expressed people I know do not call themselves “too busy.” They feel active, engaged, and blessed by the fullness of their life… including the healthy rest and renewal they get… and snuggly time with loved ones. This course was DESIGNED for people who are TOO BUSY to be thriving yet.

Cathy and I are committed to your relief. We truly want you to find the freedom you desire and the ease that comes from moving through life without the parking brake sticking. If you have any questions, do feel free to reply and ask. And if you’re ready, let’s get rockin’ together:

Warm smiles,

Rick & Cathy

P.S. I so wish I had learned these skills back in college. Today my alma mater Johns Hopkins University charges $63,529 for a year. Yet, if I had the awareness and skills this Reprogram Your Primitive Brain course teaches, I would have been SO MUCH BETTER PREPARED FOR A THRIVING LIFE!