New Bonus Added To Money and Abundance Program

Once you clear chunks of your guilt and shame around money… and release some of those big ancestral shackles… what’s next?!

You may have cleared the decks for more abundance, and that feels great! But if you’re like me, you want to take action that will allow you to move forward confidently.

Rick and I put together a bonus for you to help you change your vibration around your value, so you can start creating space powerfully for bringing in more abundance. 

It was one of the things I struggled with the most as I released my blocks to abundance. And I share the most powerful exercises and approaches I learned.

This focused set of videos will help you:

– Know your own value and embody that energy so that you can easily allow new abundance, whether you have your own business or work for a company.
– Start carrying yourself differently, and getting respect and acknowledgement.
– Discover ways to share your value with others as a gift, so that they can see your value more easily and appreciate you more… without bragging or pushy!
– Begin asking for abundance your worth in a new way.
– Set the stage for raising your rates or asking for a raise with confidence and alignment, so you are rewarded for the energy and attention you share with others.

Three ~ 15 minute videos will introduce the concepts to you, give you some simple exercises to reverse decades of devaluing yourself, and include tapping to anchor and clear.

This set of videos: Get Paid What You’re Worth

And don’t forget, on Wednesday, May 7th at Midnight, this course goes to its full price of $97. You can save $50 now by purchasing it for $47 now! Don’t miss out!

Warm Wishes and To Knowing Your Own Value!

Cathy & Rick