Mom’s harsh words affect Lucy’s breast size

Mom said, “Only lovable girls have big breasts, and since you are not lovable, your breasts will be small.”

At eleven, Lucy was told this (and many other emotionally abusive lies) by her mother. Many years later, she discovered EFT and started addressing the long list of painful memories that she now knew she could discard using this simple process. One of these was this latent memory of her Mom’s message about breast size.

We can’t know how Lucy would have physically developed in the absence of such harmful statements by her mother. What we do know from Lucy’s case history is that using EFT with the help of her practitioner, Paul Lynch, she was able to change the course of her menstrual pain (Mom had said she would be “painfully ill”), and that after changing the energy around her breast size, her body as an adult changed two inches and one cup size.

Our self-image is built on the beliefs we have about what is beautiful and ugly about us. A case like Lucy’s offers measurable results, yet how many of us have similar disruptive beliefs? As your coach I encourage you to look at those thoughts that come up. Do you believe life has to be a struggle? That you will always be fat? That your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother died of breast cancer so you will, too?

Lucy’s body responded to her stored belief that she wasn’t lovable, and that small breasts should be the result because only lovable women have big breasts. When that belief was released, her body transformed to a place of optimal health for her, which happened to include larger breasts.

What is your body responding to? What harsh words did you hear growing up, or as part of a close relationship? Do you see those words reflected in the mirror in some way? THAT CAN CHANGE.