Jealousy and Envy – 2006-03-12

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2006-03-12A Jealousy & Envy
When we feel jealousy (fearful or wary of being supplanted, or of losing affection or position) or envy (a feeling of discontentment and resentment aroused by desire for the possessions or qualities of another), we can use EFT on the body sensations and use re-perceiving to empower ourselves.

In this team call, I work with Kendal on the envy of other people driving cars that she wants, and we move into the feelings in the heart around how her husband perceives this desire of hers to experience new/different vehicles each year. Our tapping goes through a number of different aspects including how we feel when someone we love doesn’t respect what we enjoy and seek to fulfill our needs. We also touch on guilt and shame–emotions almost ALWAYS at the core of persistent negative disruptions. Is it okay for someone with so much abundance to want more?

With Ben it is a situation at work, where a co-worker is able to use his speech to communicate clearly, and Ben’s stuttering (which is not made better by the pressure of being envious of another person’s clarity) leaves him with increased tension in the throat. I always look for the gold amidst the garbage, and here we explore how Ben’s stuttering has made him far more patient with other people… something every business needs.