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If you want to target the root cause of fears, beliefs, and blocks, Inner Tapping can help. And it is a potent way to unfreeze old traumas still stuck in your energy system.

What is Inner Tapping? It is a technique that guides you back to the original memories and events that created a given mindset. It then releases the “frozen” aspects in the primitive brain and the body-mind. It’s sort of “surrogate tapping for your younger self.” By tapping on the younger you who experienced the event and offering compassion and understanding, new resources become available, and we find ourselves empowered and more free.

If you’re tired of hearing your mother’s nagging voice in your head, or your father’s disapproval every time you start a project, this can be your magic eraser. If part of you is terrified of public speaking because you subconsciously fear the laughter of your kindergarten classmates, and you would like to find relief from that tension, this is the fastest and most thorough way we know of to achieve that.

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If you cannot watch the video due to a slow internet connection, here is a PDF Document of the presentation and MP3 Audio File.

If you are interested in how the brain stores trauma so you can change the way you live your life, we recommend our free companion video: Trauma and the Primitive Brain.

Links in the presentation:
– Introduction to Energy Tapping (EFT)
– Grounding Exercises
– Trauma and the Primitive Brain Video
– Thriving Now Team – Group Coaching Program

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– Dr. Robert Scaer
– Karl Dawson, Matrix Reimprinting
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Cathy and Rick’s skillful and tender use of Inner Tapping – tapping on one’s frozen, younger parts – is helping me find my way back to me, scene by scene, big T trauma by little t trauma. With their help, I’ve been picking up, warming and breathing new life into misplaced pieces of Paula. Seems those little rebels, who had been blocking me in areas of abundance and creative expression, had been crying out to be heard and healed.
— Paula Graham


  • Maureenberes

    I have helped others with emotional stuff … it really helps and makes me feel stronger everytime I help my friends… these shared benefits are great. thanks EFT

  • Betham

    Looking forward to trying this as I’m sure I have many childhood events that still worry me, even at the ripe old age of 75yrs and I want to be freeeeeee. Yippee!

    • Thriving Now

      Hi Betham! One of our active team members is 82. We’re certainly believers that it’s never too late to feel FREEEEE!

  • Betul

    What if we know we have have a problem to tap on but we cannot remember the related memory. Thank you

    • Thriving Now

      You can tap on the problem and where you feel it in your body, or you can IMAGINE a younger you / inner child that had the problem and tap with her. Working with a professional on it can be a big help, too.

  • Effe

    I did inner tapping on a situtation from the past. I was about 12 years
    old and I went shopping with my mother. We soon found what we were looking for but she said that we might find something better and should search more. I said to my mother that I was extremely tired but she wouldn’t listen and forced me to go. When we came back home, I was tired to death.
    So I did inner tapping on that 12-year old me on this situation. I said everything I wanted to say, I got the situation frame-frozen, I left. And then while I was getting back home on my own, I realised I was terrified about what would follow. Because that was the case all the time – whenever I resisted and rebelled, I was punished so severely that I eventually gave up resisting. I felt it was pointless because I had nowhere to go.
    So in this particular situation I felt a bit better because I said how I felt. But I know I can’t escape anywhere and I feel trapped. So it seems to me that I STILL can’t help that child.
    What would you advise in this situation? Thx in advance.

    • Thriving Now

      You’re not done yet. You brought relief to one inner child. Now other(s) are showing up, who were shocked and frozen by the severe punishment. Inner Tapping to stop a punishment like that, and giving your inner child a New Home (with you in today-time perhaps?) can really help reclaim that energy and feel much more free.

      • Effe

        thank you for your reply!
        “giving your inner child a New Home (with you in today-time)” – this idea almost made me cry – so much I liked it! thank you!

  • Maryjane828

    Thank you so much for offering your energy towards this wonderful work and freely helping others with it. You are so appreciated!

  • Violetangelflame

    Does Tapping help with dealing with memories and feeligs with  servere complex PTSD?  or Dissociative Identity disorder used to be known as MPD that is caused from servere chronic childhood trauma?

    • Thriving Now

      We have information for consumers in our trauma relief center.  – for professional training to apply energy techniques for mental health conditions as you mention, contact the

    • Thriving Now

      Many people have found that tapping helps with PTSD, and traumatic memories. You may want to google EFT and PTSD to find the latest studies on this subject.


  • Violetangelflame

    How do you get prof training in eft to help trauma survivors.???

  • Laurabutler66

    my heart goes out to the lady at 75 who is tapping with such a positive attitude you go girl

  • Geetha

    Dear Thriving Now, You are great people doing a great service. I thank Carol Look for informing about your site. You are giving a wealth of free useful information and advice that helps all.
    I have some childhood school memories and in a party that relate to feelings of great fear, ignorance, neglect…
    I will tap on those feelings and then let you know.
    Thank you so much

    • Thriving Now

      We hope it helps you find freedom and love, Geetha!


  • David

    I’ve tried tapping many times, including a few sessions with an EFT therapist, but have not had any positive results.  I know what you mean, though, when you say childhood trauma stays in the body (and as much so in the form of chronic, extreme insomnia).  After all these decades, I can still feel it…I feel it every day.  So, I sure wish this sort of thing worked.  But, apparently, somehow, for some reason, it sure never worked for me.

    • Thriving Now

      Hi David. Some things work well for many people, and other approaches for other people.

      Have you ever asked yourself if it’s safe to shift this? Your primitive brain may be scared to release this because it thinks something else bad will happen. For example, people may tap on losing weight and make no progress until they work on the underlying issues around feeling safe being slender.


  • Bernadette_couture

    Is this a private page where we can feel safe to comment.? I don’t want my questions on facebook

    • Thriving Now

      This is not a private page. This isn’t posted to facebook, but anyone coming to Thriving Now can see it. Our group coaching program does have a private forum just for team members:

    • Thriving Now

      Comments here are public but not cross-posted to Facebook unless you tell it to by clicking the Facebook icon. If you need safety to explore this, I’d recommend a private session.

  • Maria

    Thanks a lot for that video! I’ll try to do that and I’ll share the results )

  • Steff

    But if you cannot make out a single bad memory or trauma but you know that there was a lot of trauma, e.g an alcoholic as father. But i seem to have blocked off the memories related to my childhood and youth. I do not have ‘scary’ bad memories of abuse and such only an unidentifiable pain and then the panic attacks…What and how to do the inner child tapping then? Thank you

    • Thriving Now

      Can you create a “living” picture of your younger self at any particular age and do inner tapping with her… just on how she feels about life?

  • bbtrixie

    Can’t tell you how glad I am to have stumbled upon this ! I have saved it in my “favorites” , and it’s the 1st order up when I get home from work tonight. I have a feeling this is going to be BIG ! Perhaps, MAYBE, if I go back to that little girl, it may help me understand why I have let so many toxic people into my life who just strip me bare & move on. It’s just so heartbreaking and I need it to stop ! So grateful to have joined this WEALTH of information.


      When we unfreeze our old traumas, there ceases to be that part of us CRAVING relief… desperate for it. We can end up in situations that offer the possibility for “doing it differently” when… it’s really nice if we don’t have to relive toxic situations and have another approach to RESOLVE and release those. I have seen how Inner Tapping can really help with that.