I Hate (Part of) My Body

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Scan your body… do you HATE part of it? Or feel disconnected from it? In this audio program, we look at why we hate our body (or part of it), and use EFT to start shifting those feelings.

During this call we discuss aspects of hating our bodies and work on some specific issues around them. Join us while tap on (among other things) reconnecting with much hated fat cells, and shifting the energy directed at them from “Die!” to “Thank you for being there… Can you work with me?”

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVED  the teleclass you and Cathy did on the topic I Hate (Part of) My Body. The entire call was excellent, but I particularly resonated with Cathy’s issue of hating her fat cells. I think she said she wanted them to DIE.  You reminded us that ALL of our cells have their own consciousness (paraphrasing)… and that affected me at a deep level.  Remembering to be gently loving with all parts of myself, even when they don’t behave the way I want them to, is huge for me. Thank you both for that call!” — Maggie

– Why do we hate our bodies?
– Social aspects
– Being specific
– Weight issues
– Where did we learn to hate that aspect of our body?

A lot of people (esp women) say “I Hate My Body”
– Most people generalize.
– Creates overall discord.
– If this is part of your dialog, recognize that.
– People generally hate their body because they think it is ugly, it’s in pain or limits them in some way.
– Many people in the US hate their body because it is overweight.
– Taping on I HATE My body.

We don’t really hate our WHOLE body in general. Lets be more specific. Do you hate your aorta? Your liver?

What we resist, persists.
– For some of us, it feels like we “pinch off” that part of our body.
– Because we find it repulsive, we isolate it, ignore it, hate it.
– As long as we hold onto that energy, it’s harder to heal that part or help it move toward what we want. Or accept it.

Pick a part of your body you find repulsive (or just don’t like much).
– Weight
– SI joint

Where did you learn to find it hateful?
Who taught you?
Where did you learn to hate that part?

Develop a healthy relationship with your fat cells and give them permission to be healthy and balanced.

This call is a part of the Body Vitality Workshop, designed to help you…

– develop an amazing relationship with your body…
– help it feel surprisingly safe, calm, and confident…
– listen to and follow its intuitive guidance…
– consciously direct its vibrational trend towards total well-being…
– and delight in the pleasures of food, movement, and touch in healthy and balanced ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re over-, under- or at your perfect weight, hate the pains in your back, think you don’t have enough muscles, feel clumsy, or your nose is funny….

We’ll focus on developing practical body guidance, feeling safe in your body, appreciating and accepting where you are (as hard as that can be sometimes), and removing blocks to moving forward towards a more powerful, healthy, vital body. We’ll have specific calls on eating for the body’s needs… and for its pleasure! We’ll also use EFT to bring relief to pain and suffering… and bring more fluid movement to your body from your head to your toes.

In the members-only forum we’ll have ongoing discussions on each of these topics… as well as mutual support and encouragement to guide this process.

If you would like to participate in this workshop and bring increased vitality and power to your body, become a team member.

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We looking forward to tapping with you!

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