How Big a Check Do I Require to Feel Grateful?

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I have two checks on my desk, both made out to my company. One check is for $45. The other is for $10,495.00.

Is either “enough” ?

Am I grateful for the big one but less so for the smaller?

Is it about the money, or is about the feeling?

Do we have a choice in how we feel and where we focus our attention?

Listen… and find out.  (Click the pay control above or download the MP3)

Additional thoughts: One of my clients called and asked me whether I have ever been in really dire financial shape. As I listen to this recording with his question in mind, I am reminded that when our current state of mind (vibration) is one of scarcity and financial distress, it is really hard to imagine feeling lots of gratitude and appreciation. Those states are not really accessible. It’s a bit like listening to someone who is really happy when you are depressed… “Fine for them to be all happy with THEIR perfect life, all their money, and smiles and everything! If they had MY problems, boy you can bet they would be singing a different tune!”  I understand that, because I’ve been there. Growing up I had the opportunity to experience “lack” by being raised by a hard working private school teacher, and relative abundance when I visited my Dad (the high-earning DC lawyer) and the step-brothers and step-sister who lived with him. More than that, though, I’ve experienced the intensity of the financial distress emotions. Those emotions are what kill us (or make us want to check out). And, I’ve seen these same disempowered feelings in myself and many, many others who are—by world standards of poverty—extraordinarily blessed.  So is it the money, or is the feeling? And can we choose, consciously, to feel the feeling in advance of the money?