Hot flashes and transforming menopause power

Can anyone offer suggestions for hot flashes??? I assume they are hormone related as I am at that age. They are UNBELIEVABLE! I am sure I could power up the whole east coast with a couple of these babies. Help me, PLEASE! I’m melting!

One of the most empowering re-descriptions of hot flashes I’ve heard was by a woman who called them power surges. I’ve noticed that many women emerge from menopause with a power and confidence that is inspiring. They really move into their own, and often embark on creative journeys that engage deeply with this new found source of energy.

Physics tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. What we need to do, then, is to harness it, balance it, or transform it into a different expression. I will offer a couple of possible set-up phrases for EFT below. Do feel free to change the words as your intuition guides you!

I also encourage you to reflect and journal on ways you would take this power that, as you say, could light up the whole east coast, and direct it into some area of your life where you would truly like to “come into your own power.”

“Even though I have these POWER SURGES, I ask my body to be COOL and Confident.”

“Even though I am generating all this HEAT, I ask my body to transform this energy into a creative fire to power my life in exciting directions.”