Helping Your Mind Keep Your Body Healthy… And Tapping For Stress

We know that tapping for emotions and energy can help people’s bodies feel better. Each of you has probably felt the physical relief as an emotional conflict is released…

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Even knowing that, it’s wonderful to see people doing research and getting scientific data proving how powerfully the mind can help the body. And at the same time sharing how EFT can keep you grounded and help the physical relief to manifest quickly.

Dr. Lissa Ranking, M.D., shares her discoveries for the 6th Annual Tapping World Summit, and discusses her findings and the implications they have for all of us, both the “seemingly” healthy and unhealthy.

Here are just a few snippets of what you can expect:

– At around 7 minutes you’ll hear about what she learned from studying over 3,500 cases of “spontaneous remission” and what the research both tells us and isn’t telling us about why people get sick or healthy.

– At around 8:40 you’ll learn about the 9 common characteristics that people with “spontaneous remission” have and why they’re critical to know for both people who are healthy or sick.

– At around 16 minutes Lissa will share about the only 2 modes that our nervous system can be in, and how in one of them our body’s self repair mechanism literally shuts down! And the scary part is…most people tend to get stuck in this shut down mode (she’ll explain why and how you can get out of it).

– At about 19 minutes she’ll share with you why some of her supposedly “healthiest” clients (exercising, eating well, meditating, etc) were getting sick and the big “aha” moment she had about what was causing it all.

Watch this video here:


Helping Your Mind Keep Your Body Healthy… And Tapping For Stress

Allowing your body and body to relax and release stress is a great first step to well-being of all kinds. Tap along with us and invite your system to feel ease for these minutes…

Calm and Grounded

Karate Chop: Even though I’m often stressed and rushed, I invite my body and mind to slow down and feel easy, for just a few minutes.

Even though my body often feels tense, and my mind often spins, I choose to allow them ease and calm for just a few minutes.

Even though it can be hard to release tension I feel most of the time, I know it will help my body and mind to breath and pause right now.

Top of the Head: I am tense.
Eyebrow: I do feel stressed.
Side of the Eye: I can’t remember when I last took a deep breathe.
Under the Eye: I choose to take one now.
Under the Nose: I let air deep into my lungs…
Chin: I invite it to nourish my body.
Collarbone: I let my mind take a short break,
Under the Arm: And be in the present for a moment.

Top of the Head: I have so much to do…
Eyebrow: I feel so rushed…
Side of the Eye: And pausing for a moment might help me be more focused.
Under the Eye: I invite my system to relax.
Under the Nose: I give myself a few minutes break.
Chin: I let my muscles relax…
Collarbone: And send soothing energy to my heart and mind.
Under the Arm: It’s okay to “just be” for a minute.

Top of the Head: I let the stress flow out.
Eyebrow: I let the tension flow away.
Side of the Eye: I send warm heart energy to every muscle…
Under the Eye: And soothing calm to every nerve.
Under the Nose: I release the inner noise to the Universe to transform.
Chin: I let myself breathe.
Collarbone: I feel my energy renewing.
Under the Arm: And calm and peace filling my soul.
Top of the Head: I breathe.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how your body feels. If there is a tightness or tension somewhere, ask your body what’s going on and what it needs. A bit of tapping can allow the energy to flow and release… and allow new power and focus to flow in.

We invite you to check out the new Tapping World Summit Video, and see what you can do to help your mind keep your body!

Warm wishes,
Cathy and Rick