What Stops You From Getting Aligned Around Money?

Do you want money and abundance to be easy? Natural?

That’s what I wanted. But I didn’t know how to do that. So I decided to get SMART about money.

If you wafted back in time 10 years, you would see me with a stack of books, learning what I was SUPPOSED to do with money. Suze Orman, Thomas Stanley (The Millionaire Next Door), spending time on the Motley Fool website. All great places to learn, but they didn’t help me make the actual necessary changes. I still spent money where I didn’t mean to, and no matter how intelligent my budget was, I didn’t stick to it.

I got SMART… but I didn’t get ALIGNED.

All the knowledge in the world isn’t going to help your subconscious deal with money!

Early experiences and my interpretations of them had me associating money with conflict, and spending money with feeling indulged and special. A great combination! No wonder I couldn’t keep any money!

When I tried to save money, I felt punished and neglected. PLUS the inner fear of conflict escalated the more money I had.

I am so grateful for EFT. Tapping on those beliefs brought me a lot of relief, and I started changing my energy around money. And not only was I able to tuck some abundance aside for a rainy day, but new abundance started coming into my life.

Rick and I have spent a lot of time digging into what keeps people stuck. We’ve spent countless hours discussing what worked for each of us, and what concepts worked for our clients. We’ve been running our Financial Abundance Study Group since July of 2008, trying different approaches and exploring solutions with people in all kinds of situations and viewpoints. And we fine tuned all that data, boiled it down, to give you the key to having a different relationship with money.

The Universe loves you. It wants you to have all that you desire. You can spend every waking moment focusing on wanting abundance and taking action, and if your subconscious is frightened, out of alignment, or struggling around money… that vibration is going to slow any flow you have. Your subconscious is sending out a distress signal 24/7!

Imagine a world where you can store some abundance in the form of money, and feel alive and good about it! And where you can make decisions that allow the flow to increase, easily! We want that for you, too.

Shackles-Cover-3D-650x650If you’re ready to be Healing Your Guilt And Shame Around Money: Cast Off Your Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now! please join us. We have people from all over the world already on board, and from all over the United States and Canada. Be part of new energy around money and abundance and find your natural groove!


Warm wishes for easy, fun, and loving abundance,
Cathy and Rick