Free Yourself from Inner Confusion and Fear: A Practical Guide to Emotional Clarity

Isn’t it time to feel safe in your body? To understand how to live your life vibrantly and vitally? Isn’t it time to FREE YOURSELF from fear and emotional confusion?

Free-Yourself-200x246In honor of your own personal Independence Day, we invite you to take part in our program:

Free Yourself from Inner Confusion and Fear: A Practical Guide to Emotional Clarity

In this PRACTICAL approach to healing, we include exercises, tapping rounds, and information to provide you an operating manual for life. You will learn concepts that will help you understand your boss, your partners, your parents, your customers, and most importantly, yourself. These skills will allow you to self-heal at a deeper level and give you a surprising inner clarity.

If you’re ready for emotional relief, and want a clearer understanding of what makes humans tick, read on…

After listening to the recordings, doing the simple exercises, and tapping along, you will feel much more comfortable:

  • Connecting and listening to your body.
  • Understanding why you feel the way you do.
  • Shifting your vibration from stressed to okay… and then from okay to thriving.
  • Applying Law of Attraction and Energy Tapping in your day-to-day life in an effective way.
  • Understanding of how humans store trauma and how to release it from your body and your mind.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and taking action.

And you will have clear direction for working on:

  • Removing blocks to connecting with your body.
  • Finding ways you can nurture the good feelings… and yourself.

You will find yourself looking at people in a different way. Instead of being confused and reacting to others’ behavior from a place of fear, you start to understand the reasons people might be frightened or angry, and you are able to make more empowering choices.

In addition, you will find that:

  • Your primitive brain will become more resilient and calmer.
  • Your intuition will become stronger and filled with richer meaning.
  • Your boundaries will feel natural and easy.
  • You will have more time and energy for creativity and joy.

Here is a sample of one of the recordings:

MP3 Download

And a PDF transcript of the same material:

PDF Transcript

Download instructions: You will be downloading the MP3 file and transcript to a folder on your computer. For Microsoft Windows Right-click the link / Apple Mac hold the Option key and click… and choose “Save Target As…” (Firefox: “Save Link As…”) to save the files into a folder on your computer where you can open them anytime in the future. After saving the files you can also use your iTunes or other MP3 software to copy the audios to your portable player.

When you purchase, you will get:
8.5 hours of audio coaching and energy tapping.
245 pages of transcripts.
Instantly downloadable MP3 and PDF files.


  1. Introduction
  2. Before Self Evaluation
  3. Body YES and Body NO
  4. Vibrational Scale
  5. Body Safety 1: Why do I feel disconnected… unsafe and unhappy in my body?
  6. Body Safety 2: Reconnect with Safe and Happy Feelings
  7. Body Safety 3: Creating Safe and Healthy Boundaries
  8. Body Safety 4: Proactive Approach to Safety
  9. After Self Evaluation
  10. Next Steps…

The price is $97 for the entire package. And, you get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

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  • Woofey

    Come on.  Could you make it a little less expensive?

    • Thriving Now

      If this is a program you will use and devote your energy to, and you are in a position where even this amount for training that can truly free yourself up emotionally is out of the question, then by all means email us at with what WOULD work for you. We understand sometimes people are in a place where professional services are unaffordable. It also why we offer a coaching program for only $47 a month that offer SO much. And our website is filled with HUNDREDS of free resources, too. -Rick & Cathy

  • Sanjay-kumar1

    Been unemployed for 9 months. Asking this price for a program at this time when so many people are struggling is just insane.
    Hope you stay in business. ME,…I just can’t afford that amount of money when every penny counts.

    • Thriving Now

      Sanjay, your individual situation is yours, not everyone’s. There are millions of people today investing tens of thousands in their education in college, and even more investing hundreds in clearing the blocks that stop them from achieving their potential.

      The price we’re asking isn’t that much different from what a family of 4 would spend to go to a movieplex in Dallas.

      I know when you’re unemployed it is difficult to maintain a Possibilities attitude. Did you CONSIDER asking for a
      discount considering your situation? We had a client offer what she could afford the other day, and we felt that her request and the honest and pleasant way she asked was a YES for us, too.

      The direct cost of something need not keep you from learning the material. We have HUNDREDS of pertinent articles and audios here on this website FOR FREE. The web has millions. If you can tune into that true Abundance, it will also change your vibration in ways that will certainly make you more valuable to a company as an employee or open other options
      for money-making for you.

      Best wishes,

      • Effe

        The comments to this page upset me and got me mad so I’d like to have my say although slightly off-topic.
        I am just absolutely amazed with what you have available for free on the website.
        Nearly each and every article comes as divine revelation to me and greatly inspires me!
        You even take the trouble to answer to the comments with meaningful and very helpful responses – for free, again! I really appreciate it.
        I am very much interested in your paid programmes and packages so I promised myself that I will continue with them once I study carefully and practice the free resources which are in true abundance.
        I used to save on my self-development while spending so much on clothes and travels but thanks to you I now know that I was actually sabotaging myself. I’ll try not to make this mistake again.
        To conclude: based on the quality of the free resources I never even doubted that the paid products are worth their price, and I would advise others to do the same.

        • Thriving Now

          We’re delighted you find so much here to help you, Effe. Thanks for the kind words.

  • carol

    What I do appreciate about this site are all the free resources.
    The tapping scripts I find to be most beneficial.

    Your comment to the person above about vibration leaves with the big question what is vibration?

    • Thriving Now

      Do you remember the song “Good Vibrations” ? If you think about how you’re feeling, when you are “up” then your vibration is strong, healthy, vital. When people are “down” their vibration is sluggish, low, lacking harmony.

      We’re delighted you’re enjoying the free resources here!