Free Tapping World Summit 2014

Registration for the free 2014 Tapping World Summit is officially open.

We love to bring you efficient, yummy ways to connect with solid, powerful approaches and new perspectives. We know that hearing ideas from different places and in different words can help our being say, “Ah-ha! That’s what they meant!” or “Oh! That’s what will help!”

There is a lot of “stuff” out there. Much of it is theoretical and ideas that sound good, but at the end of the day, they don’t give you actionable and practical ways to step forward.

There are a lot of summits out there, and Rick and I don’t promote many of them. We’re really selective and we respect your time and energy. We do love the Tapping World Summit – its a chance to tune into a variety (an abundance, even) of approaches and ideas. We don’t have time to check out what everyone is offering all the time… but we do want to keep in touch with the community and see where others are putting their focus.

Tapping World Summit 2014You can register NOW:

Whether you want to deal with emotional blocks, anxiety, anger, past traumas or phobias, or you want to release physical pain, connect with your body in a new way, or attract what you want into your life by clearing out the negative and limiting beliefs you may be holding. Our own Rick Wilkes is sharing on Day 8!

We invite you to join the over 500,000 people who registered for the Tapping World Summit last year and saw their lives change…

We’d love to hear what you think. We want to offer you the best options and opportunities. You can hit reply to any email we send you and share your thoughts and “ah-ha” moments.

See you at the Summit!

Cathy and Rick

P.S. – The line up is pretty great this year- register now so you don’t miss out on any of the calls!