For Many People, a Negative Side to Being Rich

Only 46% of all respondents to a survey of affluent investors done by PNC Advisors said they have become happier as they’ve become richer. And of those in the $10 million+ bracket, 29% said their lives have become more stressful and less pleasant as they have accumulated wealth.

“This survey confirms our experience that affluent individuals need far more than investment advice,” noted Joan Gulley, CEO of PNC.

Right! They need emotional freedom!

Imagine yourself on a street corner. You are there with $10,000 in cash in your hands. You have no pockets to put the money in, no way to hide. You are VISIBLE! You have MONEY!

Do you feel safe? People are going to ask you for money. People might steal it. People might even try to hurt or kill you for it. Or you might lose it by accident, or by placing the wrong bets…

These are just some of the fears that wealth can bring. And each and every one of them can be effectively addressed through EFT. We can feel calm and confident as we accumulate wealth. But anyone that has even $50,000 in the bank knows that wealth can also brings with it survival and protection fears. Rather than feeling grateful and generous, wealth that brings fear and worry depletes us.

I’ve been there. At the peak of one of my businesses, we were doing so incredibly well. Money was flowing in. And with it I was getting more and more worried, more and more sick. I certainly wish I had EFT at that time. The whole course of that experience would have been more enjoyable and relaxed. I didn’t.

But you do! If you have found this message at a time when you do have any worries or strain about the wealth you have (at whatever level), know that there is much that we can do together to resolve those strains. EFT is outstanding for this, fast, and often creates the kind of shift that brings a permanently new perspective. Drop me an email at, and let me know what specific concerns you have… on your way to being one of the 46% of all people who ARE happier as they grow in financial abundance.

  • Tj007haynes

    what does PNC mean

  • bhavna Mehrotra

    EFT led to a foot tapping and it reminded me the time my son was born! My gyne kept tapping her feet and sure I am a millioare! Once a millioniare Always a millionaire! I wonder if her tapping made me so patient which is a preriquiste for a MOM
    No risk no gain so I am with the 46%.Rich in the heart and in the pocket!
    Bhavna Mehrotra