What If You Had An Extra Hour Every Day?

We all struggle with too much to do… and too little time. And when you get in your own way, your life can get really snarled up, quickly! Are you tired of living in a traffic jam?! How much time do you waste avoiding certain tasks and activities?

Imagine how much happier you would be if you had the time to do what you really loved doing.

Your mental blocks, fears, and insecurities can eat up time, wear you out, and make you cranky and frustrated. You start loathing yourself for not getting things done. And that leads to more procrastination and frustration. You need to get out of that loop!

When you get out of your own way, life is so much sweeter and more fun. Without that resistance, you find yourself completing your tasks quickly and having time to enjoy life again!

Anyone who has followed us knows how much we respect and adore Carol Look. Her programs are powerful, in depth, and life changing. We’re excited to share with you Carol’s new webinar on Eliminating Procrastination!

Carol has identified the 4 primary reasons that fuel your procrastination.

Imagine you really did have a full extra hour everyday…

– You could finally move forward in your passions, work, hobbies and dreams…
– You could be more present with your loved ones if you weren’t constantly fretting over your unfinished work and to-do lists.

So what’s stopping you from living this life of freedom?

Let’s do some tapping:

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been stuck and struggling for so long with this procrastination, I FINALLY have some help and I can change how I interact with my life.

Even though I haven’t been able to change this pattern in the past, new knowledge and some powerful tapping can change everything!

Even though I’ve fought and blamed myself for such a long time for procrastinating, I bet I can change the way I look at this and find new ease and delight in life, now!

Top of the Head: I’ve been stuck for a long time.
Eyebrow: I knew there was more.
Side of the Eye: I knew I could be different.
Under the Eye: That’s why it’s been so frustrating!
Under the Nose: I just wasn’t sure how to change.
Chin: I was spinning my wheels…
Collarbone: Getting nowhere fast…
Under the Arm: And hating myself and my life because of that.

Top of the Head: I need a new way of thinking about this.
Eyebrow: Somehow to get out of my own way.
Side of the Eye: I need new skills…
Under the Eye: Cause this old way is just not working!!!
Under the Nose: There is too much stress…
Chin: Not enough play and ease.
Collarbone: I am ready to change my patterns.
Under the Arm: And create more energy in my life.

Top of the Head: I don’t have to do this alone.
Eyebrow: I get to have help and support.
Side of the Eye: I’m not alone anymore.
Under the Eye: I let my brain know that it’s ok to change this.
Under the Nose: It’s ok to have freedom.
Chin: I’m ready for insights and breakthroughs…
Collarbone: And Eliminate Procrastination, Right Now!
Under the Arm: I deserve to have the freedom and ease…
Top of the Head: I’ve been longing for all this time!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what comes up for you as you tap on this. Jot down any memories, fears, ideas, or feelings you have. Those are treasure maps pointing you to the gold of a creative, productive, and fun life.

We’d love to hear what you think of Carol’s program to Eliminate Procrastination with EFT. You can post on our ThrivingNow FaceBook page, or leave comments below this article on Thriving Now.


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    We’re excited! I’ve seen the outline for the training call and it is PACKED with great insights and tapping.