Emotions, fibromyalgia, and the rusty nail

I was reading an article this morning on Gary Craig’s EFT website, Fibromyalgia patient—“I forgot what pain is about.” In it Janet Cole reports on the success she’s had with her fibromyalgia pain when she and Gary addressed the emotional issues rather than focusing primarily on the physical pains.

Since the time when Gary provided this report, EFT practitioners have been experimenting with both tapping for the very specific physical pains (“this painful tingling on the right side of my shoulder”) along with work on the emotional “10’s” in the person’s history. As anyone who suffers will tell you, one of the challenges with fibromyalgia is that the pain moves and shifts. EFT work focused on physical sensations often releases one pain only to have another pop up. It’s difficult to understand that this is still progress, and a natural part of how energy flows in the body as it heals.

Janet’s experience, though, reminds us that often the biggest pain is the one that is so intense that “we never talk about it with anyone.” Janet worked with Gary on that one, and when it was resolved energetically, she saw immediate results. Janet had already been tapping for herself, so she had seen some temporary benefit. She also trusted Gary, a key factor in being willing to open the door to the intense pain.

I just want to encourage you, if you have fibromyalgia, to be open to the prospect of deeper relief if you work with your energy system. This approach is not one that is well understood in traditional circles. And it is not counseling. It is not to “understand” the pain or the emotions. It doesn’t mean to dwell on or relive the past. It is about removing ENERGETIC DISRUPTIONS that are significant enough to cause mysterious pains all over your body.

Let me ask you: if you stepped on a rusty nail, would you remove it from your foot? Or would you put it off because too many people are relying on you to fix them dinner, feed the animals, get the laundry done, go to work and make money, and run the thousand errands you are sure to have on your list?