Emotional Freedom is Creating Your Own Reality

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A quote from Abraham-Hicks:

“The only freedom that exists in all of the Universe — and, it is everything — is in the knowledge that I create my own reality.  And, that I can feel the way I choose to feel. Because the only thing — the only thing — that anyone fears is that something will happen that will take their good feeling away.  Isn’t that what is inherent in all negative emotion?  Isn’t that really the best description of fear that you’ve ever heard?  It is the belief that something will happen that will make me feel bad, that I can’t control.  And, when you know and demonstrate that you can always choose the way you choose to feel, now everyone’s off the hook, and you are, for the first time, utterly free.”  [Sacramento 7/27/05]

Emotional Freedom cannot be tied to conditional love. Emotional Freedom cannot wait on external conditions to improve for each of us to feel Love. Emotional Freedom must be an inherent part of God’s gift of Free Will. There MUST be a way for us to align ourselves with Source, with God, and feel truly FREE regardless of externals conditions. That is the promise of God’s Unconditional Love.  I know this to be true. I know that I can create Hell on Earth… and I know I can create Heaven on Earth. I can even create both heaven and hell, only moments apart!, by the focus of my attention and intention.  You have the same power. Whatever you are experiencing, heaven or hell, is evidence of the power of your ability to create your inner reality. You may not like it. You may not find it comforting to learn that the skill you’ve been practicing is creating your inner discord and suffering. But since you have the power, you can learn to harness it. You can learn to transform the power to create your hell into the power to create a thriving life. You will learn to take the emotional journey first. And as you take that journey to creating the emotions you desire, you will notice that your body and your external world will then start to change.  If you are ready… if this is what you’ve been looking for… then let’s begin!

  • Jim

    We have the power to create and alter reality by the choices that we make everyday.  The reality of one is different from that of another. Our actions and feelings are swayed by our emotions therefore Emotions indeed play a big part in the creation of our reality. 

    “All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha