EFT Tapping: Examples To Get You Started

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Please note that we’re purposely keeping these examples simple. Tapping can get more sophisticated as you practice. You can get suggestions and ideas for more advanced tapping by subscribing to our free newsletters.

EFT Tapping Example 1: Headache

EFT Tapping Example 2: Frustration

EFT Tapping Example 3: Changing a Habit

One of our favorite tapping scripts is called Anxiety Constricted Breathing. You are welcome to read or listen along while you tap. (It’s been helpful to hundreds of thousands of people.)

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  • amethyst

    do you have any eft instructions via youtube…or? thanks

    • http://www.thrivingnow.com/ Rick@Thrivingnow.com

      What aspect of tapping are you most interested in? That would help me guide you to the right resource(s). Thanks!