EFT and heart arrhythmia

EFT practitioner Paul Cutright describes in an article on using EFT for heart arrythmia how “Sally” found relief by addressing first a sense of shame and guilt around work, and then at Sally’s suggestion, switching to feelings around possible child abuse when she was six or seven, a memory that she was not sure happened but had intense emotion.

Our autonomic systems are interconnected. Emotions that flood us with chemicals change our heart beat, blood pressure, hormone levels, and more. In this particular case, Sally notes that freeing herself from those feelings from childhood, in a very short EFT session, seemed to transform her reaction to her father’s emails as well.

Sally: My arrhythmias faded almost entirely over the weekend, and I’m continuing the tapping. Just amazing! The other thing I forgot to tell you was that there was an email from my dad waiting for me when I got back to the office on Thursday (I didn’t go home after all). He was writing just some of his usual newsy stuff in his usual style that normally sends me into an emotional tailspin (sexist remarks, racist comments, sarcastic and teasing tone, gossiping about and putting down other family members, etc.). But, I read it all without any emotional charge or judgment, and just saw it for being his best effort to try to connect with me. I actually laughed to think how differently it would have been received just 3 hours earlier. EFT really is incredible, isn’t it? Thank you again for introducing it to me.

Where these emotions manifest seems to be unique to the individual. The disruption in Sally’s energy system around these early experiences affected her heart rhythm. For some, it may cause ulcers or digestive problems, chronic muscle tension, and even cancer. Can we scientifically prove a direct correlation between Sally’s heart arrythmia and her feelings of guilt and shame? No, I don’t think that is possible. Nor is it necessary.

Sally’s inner intelligence, her intuition, made the connection. Sally wasn’t even sure the event happened; she was only sure about her intense feelings. I trust that the body/mind has a skill for self-healing. If there is an avenue into the pain that shows up, we trust and move with it. Time and time again, the fruit this bears is sweat relief, as it was for Sally.