The #1 Skill Most People Lack That’s Destroying Their Relationships…

Are you tired of guessing what other people want to hear from you? Do you spend hours out of every day carefully analyzing other people and trying to figure out what they might be a YES to… yet never asking for what you want?

Have you learned to hide what your feeling and thinking to protect yourself? Most of us have. But spending all that time, energy and mental bandwidth is exhausting. And around the holidays, with all the hustle and bustle of parties, travel, gift giving and receiving – all those heightened expectations! Life can be stressful and nerve wracking!

I believe that “being real” with people is core to happiness and intimacy. Without the skills and ability to share who we are, what we want, and what’s going on, people become plastic dolls who just go through the motions, trying to be safe until they croak.

I want more for you. You deserve to have love, warmth, and acceptance. The problem is, if you don’t know how to share yourself, you can’t ever find acceptance.

What if you could approach the holidays with more ease and joy this year? What if you could create the rich emotional feast that we were taught the holidays could be?

Being more clear and open with our loved ones creates a different kind of connection. When people share what they haven’t been saying, they naturally relax and feel more comfortable. And others are more open and genuine. You end up giving those around you permission to share what they’ve been holding back. Love and intimacy bloom in that environment!

No1_ToolTreat yourself to a beautiful holiday gift. Listen to Reid’s The #1 Skill Most People Lack That’s Destroying Their Relationships video here:

Reid presents this in a way I’ve never heard elsewhere. He makes it much easier to share vulnerable things in a manner that leaves everyone feeling safe.

He even includes a free PDF to help you share with people authentically, in a way that makes it gentle and loving. I use this “formula” all the time and it works BEAUTIFULLY!

After you watch the video and get the PDF, come back and lets do some tapping to clear and anchor.

Karate Chop: Even though I was raised to be really polite, and guess what other people wanted to hear, I choose to reclaim my voice and my power now.

Even though I’ve been afraid to open up, afraid of judgment and hurt, staying closed up and closed off is far more painful and lonely, and I choose to open up and share.

Even though I’ve been so shut down, and unsure of how to open up… I bet there are skills I can learn, and gentle steps I can take.

Top of the Head: I’m so used to pretending.
Eyebrow: So used to acting like someone I’m not.
Side of the Eye: I’m not even sure who I am anymore.
Under the Eye: But I am tapping…
Under the Nose: And I am curious.
Chin: I have this whole new, cool person to discover!
Collarbone: Me!
Under the Arm: And I can do this gently and lovingly, too.

Top of the Head: I’m not used to sharing my real self.
Eyebrow: People might be surprised at first.
Side of the Eye: I can start with baby steps.
Under the Eye: I can take it one step at a time.
Under the Nose: But its time I got started.
Chin: It’s time I started sharing me!
Collarbone: I’m tired of feeling lonely and unseen.
Under the Arm: I’m tired of never feeling truly accepted.

Top of the Head: How can they accept me if I never show who I am?
Eyebrow: And all this pretending is tiring.
Side of the Eye: I can’t wait to feel the relief of being me.
Under the Eye: I can’t wait to discover who I am!
Under the Nose: I choose to start sharing.
Chin: And I can help people with the surprise…
Collarbone: I can use the Difficult Conversation Formula…
Under the Arm: And help us all handle the transition…
Top of the Head: To the new and vibrant ME!

Take a deep breath.

What are you noticing? Jot down any particular memories or fears that come up, those are great places to tap!

It can feel strange to start sharing your real self after so many years of pretending… but it’s SO worth the practice. People will find the real you a lot more interesting and intriguing. We subconsciously know when someone is withholding, and we wonder why and what. Being real lets others feel safe being real, too. And life gets deliciously engaging and warm.

If you haven’t, make sure to watch Reid’s video today!

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Warm wishes and hopes for safe and loving self-expression,