With Deep Gratitude…

Thank you for being part of our community and our journey. 

Your feedback, support, and enthusiasm has made all the difference as we narrowed down the possibilities for our next program. We care so much that you succeed, and having your heartfelt sharing and warmth helped us target where we could make the biggest difference. Thank you for your generosity, vulnerability, and willingness to look at challenging issues so that you, and those around you, can live a better life.

You contribute to this community with your energy, attention, and appreciation… and your sharing and hope are guiding lights for us each time we connect with you.

Thank you for your courage and curiosity. Thank you for not giving up… for knowing there is a better way to live, and for being willing to reach for that.

For each of you who joined us in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain, we are so excited to get started. We’ll be starting on February 3rd with new material that we’ve never shared before, that will make such a difference going forward!

For those of you who aren’t part of this new program, we hope the tapping and ideas we’ve shared have made a difference in your life. We know that each time any one of us takes a step forward, the path gets a bit easier for those who follow, and the light shines a bit brighter for all those on this journey to joy.

cathy-rick-2013-06-whitebkgrndWe are delighted and honored to share this journey with you. Thank you!

Cathy & Rick

P.S. We’re excited about the Tapping World Summit… just around the corner! There will be lots of bright lights and new ideas to share and get perspective from… Including by our own Rick Wilkes. We can’t tell you what he’s talking about yet, but it is a topic close to our hearts. We’ll drop you an email with more details soon!

  • kittty55

    Lovely pic of the 2 of you! I’ll meet you in the Red Room tonight Rick 😉
    Much Love