Creating Warm And Wonderful Holidays This Year…

We know you’ve been working hard this year, making a difference in how you life your life, in how you relate to others. We wanted to take a minute to appreciate your effort and your intentions. You inspire us to reach deeper.

We know you deserve a warm and wonderful holiday. And we hope that all the tapping and clearing you’ve done this year really pay off.

bigstock-Cute-Girl-Looking-At-Festive-F-39998833Sometimes we don’t notice how far we’ve come. EFT/Tapping can create such powerful, subtle shifts, that we don’t realize how different life is unless we stop and think back. Noticing the changes can give you clarity and focus for continuing the journey, improve your confidence, and can help open your heart to appreciation and love.

I’ll lead you in tapping for that in just a minute. First, I wanted to share two free gifts with you that you are welcome to share with friends and loved ones. I think they’ll help you and others enjoy the magic of the holiday season.

1) There is still time to watch The Tapping Solution Movie for free until the 20th. Our very own Rick Wilkes is one of the stars of the movie, which has sold over 100,000 copies and has touched countless lives. He does such beautiful work in the movie, and transforms several lives. The free viewing ends in a couple days. If you’re ready to be inspired, touched, and entertained, watch it now!

2) If you missed the webinar Reid Mihalko and I did last night: 3 Mistakes Even Smart People Make Around Their Loved Ones That Leave Them Disappointed, Lonely and Isolated Around The Holidays, you can listen to it for free here:

Download it, put it on your phone or ipad, and when your family is driving you nuts, take a walk and listen and tap along. OR tap along BEFORE they drive you nuts and start creating a different pattern today. Your family (most of mine think I’m the nutty one!) might not be willing to tap, but there are ways you can help them have a better holiday and a better life.

Let’s do some tapping on noticing how far you’ve come!

Karate Chop: Even though it sometimes seems like I’m not making progress, I take a deep breath, and remember where I was this time last year.

Even though not everything is perfect…maybe that’s because my dreams have expanded and I want more in my life.

Even though I may not have achieved all my mile stones, I love the subtle changes that make my whole life better!

Top of the Head: I have worked hard this year.
Eyebrow: I’m more grounded than I was last year.
Side of the Eye: I’m not as fearful.
Under the Eye: I’m much better at tapping than I was.
Under the Nose: And I think I’m getting better at loving myself.
Chin: I like that I laugh a bit more.
Collarbone: And I have a better understanding of how to soothe myself.
Under the Arm: I really love that about me.

Top of the Head: I’m learning to accept myself and my body.
Eyebrow: And I get to role model that for others.
Side of the Eye: I’m getting more confident and assured…
Under the Eye: Even though I sometimes forget…
Under the Nose: Because I’m trying new things.
Chin: I’m proud of me and all I’ve done.
Collarbone: I have made a difference.
Under the Arm: My vibration is improving as we speak!

Top of the Head: I love that even a small change in trajectory…
Eyebrow: Can take me to a very different place.
Side of the Eye: I honor my path and my journey.
Under the Eye: I send love to my heart, my body, and my mind.
Under the Nose: I allow that love to fill me up…
Chin: And expand…
Collarbone: And overflow to everyone around me.
Under the Arm: I have done a very good job.
Top of the Head: I make a difference.

Take a deep breath.

Notice what comes up for you. If you feel warm and relaxed, put your hand on your heart and allow that to expand and fill you. Be with that for a moment. We rarely give ourselves time to connect like this.

If you feel tense, or your mind is reminding you of all the things you HAVEN’T done, see if you can giggle, just a little, as you notice that your primitive brain REALLY loves you, and is still caught up in a hamster wheel of doing. It’s ok. It can take some time to recondition a decades old pattern. Each time you tap, you help ease this just a bit. Over time, it can make the world of difference.

Rick and I wish you a very warm and wonderful holiday. Feel free to take our love and wishes with you no matter where you go or what you do. We’ll be back with more tapping after Christmas, and look forward to making 2014 the best year YET!

Warm wishes,