Just For A Moment…

Happy Young Lady

Just for a moment… could you let yourself Be? People are focused on Doing. And with all the pressure to do the right thing, feel the right thing, think the right thing… it’s easy to lose ourselves. People become “shoulds” and “musts,” trying to meet the unvoiced expectations of those around them. We become actors […]

Rediscovering Your Inner Spirit


The people who read these email are determined, strong, and ready to make changes. We love that about you. Can we take a minute to appreciate you?

Creating Warm And Wonderful Holidays This Year…


We know you’ve been working hard this year, making a difference in how you life your life, in how you relate to others. We wanted to take a minute to appreciate your effort and your intentions. You inspire us to reach deeper. We know you deserve a warm and wonderful holiday. And we hope that […]

Clutter – That SPECIAL Thing

2013-10-26 08.27.38

I gave away that special thing that had meant so much to me. I couldn’t have… without tapping. It was 2007. I had just opened up a new office in Morgantown, West Virginia. My business partner and best friend at the time had seen how much I liked this hand crafted ceramic piece she’d purchased […]

It’s a Shame


Do you get the feeling sometimes that there is something WRONG with you… that you’re somehow “bad” and don’t deserve what other people get? If so… It’s a SHAME. I remember in elementary school how confident and bold I was. I loved learning new facts, figures, names, and places. I was outspoken. I figured that […]

Interviews: Personal Empowerment for Your Soul


In these separate Attune Magazine Radio interviews, Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski talk to both Rick and Cathy about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), spirit, guidance, how we use tapping, sex, love, and relationships. Listen to Interview with Rick Wilkes (1:00:53) or Download MP3 Listen to Interview with Cathy Vartuli (1:01:44) or Download MP3 Jean Maurie is a Thriving Now Team Member and tapping […]

Collaboration and Co-Creation


Are you happiest when your heart is engaged with what you’re doing? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled when you love the people you work with and care about what you’re creating in the world? For people like us, we want to bring our hearts into collaborative work. Sure, we also want to to be […]