How Guilt and Feelings of Selfishness Can Trap You… and Your Whole Family


Guilt and shame producing phrases echo through many people’s childhood. Parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings, even complete strangers use those words, and others repeat them. Those phrases are used because they work… at least in the short run. They are great way to “cope” with and manage children. Here’s why…

Creating Warm And Wonderful Holidays This Year…


We know you’ve been working hard this year, making a difference in how you life your life, in how you relate to others. We wanted to take a minute to appreciate your effort and your intentions. You inspire us to reach deeper. We know you deserve a warm and wonderful holiday. And we hope that […]

3 Mistakes Even Smart People Make Around Their Loved Ones…


The holidays are supposed to be a magical time… right? Then why are so many of us disappointed and more lonely than ever? 3 Mistakes Even Smart People Make Around Their Loved Ones… That Leave Them Disappointed, Lonely and Isolated Around The Holidays Learn the top three mistakes people make around the holidays with their […]

Are You Ready To Transform Your Relationships?


We all have times when we feel it… the tight muscles, the clenching stomach, the sweaty palms, and the mental confusion… Oh, no, not again! When one of our relationships is “off”, whether it’s romantic, friendship, work, or family… our heart hurts, too. And our heads. It’s easy for people to feel like they aren’t […]

2 Outdated Beliefs That Leave Relationships Struggling


So often, people decide they know something, and stick with it, despite all kinds of evidence to the contrary. Whether the belief is that the world is flat, that women belong in the kitchen (we belong where ever we want to be!), or that eating the crusts on your sandwich will give you curly hair […]