Transforming Your Energy 2013, Part 1


by Rick Wilkes I use Energy Tapping (EFT) to transform energy. When I feel anxious, tapping takes that energy by the hand and leads it to a better place… a place where it is possible to feel both calm and confident. Amazing. This transformation is possible because our body can be taught how to change […]

Tapping Into New Year’s Energy All Year Long

happy new year 2013 on the beach

Everyone knows about New Year’s Energy. Gym memberships sky rocket. Diet Centers are packed. People start budgets, work on their relationships, and start to clean closets. They are hopeful, excited, and purposeful. Then February hits. The gyms are empty. The fast food drive thru’s are packed, budgets are collecting dust in the corner, people are […]

Creating Your Dream Life

Creating your Dream Life

To All Dreamers and Creators, One of the things I’ve noticed over and over again, is I often need to see different perspectives and hear insights from different sources before I really “own” the experience and integrate it deeply. The more I’m exposed to new information, the more important my primitive brain thinks it is, […]

Brain Science and EFT Tapping – Video for Tapping World Summit 2012!

We’ve been talking about the Primitive Brain for years at Thriving Now. We’ve helped thousands of people reconnect with themselves and recondition their primitive brain. Left to themselves, our primitive brains can’t tell the difference between the life or death danger of a tiger that is about to attack… and the perceived danger of the […]

Finding and Deepening Love, Passion, and Playfulness in Relationships

Do you want love? Do you daydream about finding someone you can create a loving, passionate relationship with? Or do you want to bring the spark back to your current connection? The general view is you either instinctively know how to create relationships, or you don’t. There are the charismatic, attractive people… and the rest […]