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Rick Wilkes

Rick Wilkes is an EFT Tapping Expert who coaches people of all ages and lifestyle orientations to transform their emotional world so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence. He’s a leader in the development of simple and profoundly effective emotional technologies that release emotional and physical pain. He loves helping clients in over 77 countries by phone, Skype, and internet to feel the clarity of their own inner guidance. Gliding scale sessions are available.

Free EFT Tapping Point Images


FREE, high quality EFT Tapping Point Images showing the location of the tapping points for your website or handouts for personal or commercial use as long as you leave the copyright and reprint information on the images.

How Often Should I Tap?

Question about Tapping

I’m learning EFT. How often should I tap? Should I tap everyday? Three times a day? Once? For how long each time?

Inner Tapping


(Free Video Presentation) If you want to target the root cause of fears, beliefs, and blocks, Inner Tapping can help. And it is a potent way to unfreeze old traumas still stuck in your energy system.

I Stopped Tapping… What’s Going On?


I’ve been making really good progress using tapping, and I just got through some tough personal issues with tapping. But I’m angry with myself right now because for the last week or so, all I want to do is play computer games and I don’t feel like tapping much at all. What’s going on?

How Have You Used EFT Tapping To Change Your World?

Free EFT Tapping ManualGet INSTANT ACCESS to our Quick Start Guide & Email TipsGet It Now » We invite you to share how you have used EFT Tapping successfully to transform your world… to help you live, laugh, and love with greater confidence. Leave a comment below and you may win a free one-month team […]