Does Your Brain Have An ANT Problem?


Dr. Daniel Amen, a world renown brain expert, has a clever metaphor for what stops many of us from being more free, empowered, and loving. He says many of our brains have ANT problems.

The Gabriel Method and EFT Tapping

Gabriel Method

Resource links for our interview with John Gabriel of The Gabriel Method…     Learn Energy Tapping (EFT) — Access our free guide and diagram of the tapping points. (Click here to pop up a tapping diagram right now.) Grounding Exercises — When we start reconnecting with the body, sometimes we can find triggers that feel overwhelming. […]

The Secret To… Your Powerful, Confident YES!!

Imagine for a moment that you’re given your dream car. It is the right color, the right size, the right ZIP, the right gas mileage… even the right smell! The road to your desires stretches out before you. What if… there is only one little problem…

Letting Joy Into Your Holiday

Wonder of the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be full of laughter and joy, aren’t they? I remember the promise of a glittering tree, brightly wrapped packages, warm cookies baking. As children, we were willing to dream and enjoy the wonder-filled moments of the season. As adults, we’ve been conditioned to put ourselves last. To check off the […]

My Husband Is Humiliated By My Weight


I was wondering if you could help me. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed about my weight. I don’t like going out. I have over 100 lbs to lose. My husband loves to share his humiliation about how I look. For a long time, I believed all the negative and hurtful things he said about me […]

Trying To Support My Friend, And She Snapped at Me!


My best friend just had a bad experience. She’s okay, but it was frightening, and I was pretty worried about her, too. I know she’s stressed, but when I was offering support, she snapped at me! I do understand, but I don’t like being treated that way, either. How do you balance boundaries with compassion? — […]

Tapping For Digestion

Stomach Problems

I have Celiac Disease. I’ve been avoiding foods that trigger the symptoms, but it’s challenging. Is there some tapping I can do to help improve how my body processes food? –Wendy When we have a lot of stress because of past traumas or current overload, our bodies have less energy to digest and to process […]