Team Call Schedule to April 30, 2014

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-Rick & Cathy,


  • Janet Sitzmann

    I just want to say thank you so very much for this wonderful and generous gift of a 30-day membership that you have given me.  I am so grateful for you and to you for your wonderful work.  Thank you again!!

  • CcInJoy

    When are the calls?   I want to be on live calls not just listen to recordings, asking because I have a unusual work schedule.

    • Thriving Now

      The team call schedule varies. We try to have calls over the course of the month at 830pm EST (common), 230pm Sat, 12 noon Sunday EST (almost every Sunday), 11am EST during the week (1 or 2). Like that.

  • Pamelamurl

    Hi Rick & Cathy:  When will the January calls be posted?  Thanks a bunch!

  • DR. James Barile

    To Whom It May Concern:
        I want to join your team for help, for the woman i intend to marry.
    Here’s my concern, i need to speak with someone specifically, Rick for that first 20 min. consultation, so i can give you her case history. I personally am a heath care provider, that’s drug free. I’m about to retire after 48 yrs. This coaching is mainly for her. Please have someone call me.    
     727- 282- 9332, I’m at my wits end. Nothing is helping including me. Thank you for for your consideration in this matter.

                                        DR. Jim