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-Rick & Cathy,


  • Janet Sitzmann

    I just want to say thank you so very much for this wonderful and generous gift of a 30-day membership that you have given me.  I am so grateful for you and to you for your wonderful work.  Thank you again!!

  • CcInJoy

    When are the calls?   I want to be on live calls not just listen to recordings, asking because I have a unusual work schedule.

    • Thriving Now

      The team call schedule varies. We try to have calls over the course of the month at 830pm EST (common), 230pm Sat, 12 noon Sunday EST (almost every Sunday), 11am EST during the week (1 or 2). Like that.

  • Pamelamurl

    Hi Rick & Cathy:  When will the January calls be posted?  Thanks a bunch!

  • DR. James Barile

    To Whom It May Concern:
        I want to join your team for help, for the woman i intend to marry.
    Here’s my concern, i need to speak with someone specifically, Rick for that first 20 min. consultation, so i can give you her case history. I personally am a heath care provider, that’s drug free. I’m about to retire after 48 yrs. This coaching is mainly for her. Please have someone call me.    
     727- 282- 9332, I’m at my wits end. Nothing is helping including me. Thank you for for your consideration in this matter.

                                        DR. Jim


  • ImagineMore

    Hi Cathy & Rick,

    Thanks for including the “Dealing with Change” series as part of our TEAM membership. Working through the “Reprogram Your Primitive Brain” Course is quite the journey of transformation and is accelerating the CHANGE happening in my life. This additional support in “change management” is so timely and appreciated. Yea! :-)

    I’m looking forward to joining you for all three calls:

    * Dealing with Change: Shock $7 Monday 7/14/14 at 8:30pm Eastern
    * Dealing with Change: Grief $7 Monday 7/21/14 at 8:30pm Eastern
    * Dealing with Change: Uncertainty $7 Monday 7/28/14 at 8:30pm Eastern

    I’m also looking forward to feeling even more confident and easy dealing with change! Amen!

    • Cathy

      Yeah!! So glad! Talk to you on the call tonight, ImagineMore!

  • ImagineMore

    Rick and Cathy, today’s call was a ‘Life Line” for me. I was feeling desperate and SO ANGRY
    over my financial and familial situation. Rick, I think you “nailed it” about my not wanting to be alone anymore. I really don’t want to live alone anymore. It’s no longer fun, nor has it been fun for a very long time. I’ve always wanted to have a feeling community and freedom.

    I am a student/teacher/trainer who sings in being able to learn new and exciting things so I can teach those things to others. I decided to take a long-term substitute teaching position in March 2014, after being unable to land a corporate training contract. You see, Teaching/Training
    is more than what I do, it is who I am.

    Though I have been looking for a new work assignment, (especially for the summer) it has been very difficult. FYI, It’s a little difficult to interview for jobs when you have low self-esteem. I’d love to create build another source of income from generating publicity and increasing the visibility of people and organizations, but nothing yet. Oh, that I would feel powerful and bold in promoting my own knowledge, skills and abilities in a bigger way, without the immediate feeling that they will reject me, so why bother. Yep, self-limiting beliefs on steroids!!

    Thank God for you and this TEAM. You have always accepted me and the members of the “Thriving Now Tribe”, just where we are. You have helped me get out of frustration, hopelessness, despair and move to neutral or nearly neutral, on a daily basis, via monthly TEAM calls or prior TEAM recordings. You and the TEAM are wonderful blessings to my life!

    For example, today just having Jean say that she loved me, made all the difference in the world, on a day where I had absolutely no love for myself. I am so grateful that even though you are many miles away, your authentic caring wrapped around me, today, like a warm blanket. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I look forward to the times when my comments will share joy, happiness and excitement over how much my life has changed since being a member of the Thriving Now Tribe. I pray that you
    will be able to read those comments sooner than later.


    • Cathy

      ImagineMore, you are transforming your inner world. Most renovations are messy…and it can sometimes seem like things are worse before they get better. But the changes can last a lifetime and make a profound difference.

      If you want, leave your scared, low self-esteem part home, when you go for an interview (Rick is a great babysitter, and sometimes treats for ice cream! :)) And you are welcome to take Rick and I into the interviews with you if you like. Everyone gets scared at interviews, but you don’t have to take wounded parts with you to it. Let them stay safe at home or with a loved one you trust.

      I look forward to hearing your breakthroughs and ah-has! And remember, that what you’re going through now, it may feel awful, but you’re using that energy to break through old stuff, not stagnating in it the way most people are taught to do. Don’t give up before the miracle! And keep up the great work you’re doing!

      Sending warm hugs!

      • ImagineMore

        Hi Cathy. I pray that God blesses you and Rick for the work you are doing. There are so many people in my town, state, and world that are desperate for the relief and hope you are offering and teach.

        I love the visual created by your words “Most renovations are messy…and it can sometimes seem like things are
        worse before they get better. But the changes can last a lifetime and
        make a profound difference.”

        Yes, I can picture how messy home renovations are. In fact, a very good friend of mine, “like a mother to me” had her kitchen redone last year. She never thought it would take so long. There was crap and dust everywhere and for a long time. But today, she’s enjoying every minute her beautiful new kitchen and discovering all the things she can do in it that she couldn’t in her old kitchen. Cathy, I get the picture in HD. :-)

        As for my scared, low self-esteem parts, I would love to leave them home when I go for an interview or business development activities, but I don’t know how. These parts of me have been constant companions for SOOOOO LONG, I don’t know if I can or how to separate from them. They remind me of a Keloid, a growth of extra scar tissue where the skin has healed after an injury. They can be removed but often grow back.

        Can you point me to a tapping script so that I can learn to leave my scared, low self-esteem parts with Rick temporarily, until I can find a permanent home, away from me and the TEAM, or they decide to go away and never come back!!! 😀 I would REALLY like that.

        Cathy, today, hour-by-hour or as often as it takes, I am choosing not to give up. If I didn’t believe, with all my heart, that God wanted me to be free from all this lack and pain, I probably would have given up a long time ago. But, I’m still standing, sometimes weak, sometimes stronger, BUT standing nevertheless.

        There is a part of me that knows, I will get on the other side of this, but it’s afraid that even on the other side things will still be the same. And although there is truth to that feeling, there is STILL something inside of me that says, “keep going, its worth the pain right now. You’re not alone this time stuffing your feelings, feeling sick inside and and pretending you’re not, you have Cathy and Rick and the TEAM.” How comforting that is for me after all these years. Hugs and Rich Blessings to you. <3

  • ImagineMore

    Hi Cathy.

    I took your advice and decided to do something with my business. For sometime, I’ve wanted to create training videos using

    for variety of soft skills courses I teach. E-learning is such a hot item in the Training & Development world, that without a good working knowledge of how to create courses for Learning Management Systems using Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia, or similar software, work will be harder to find. A friend, who had the software loaded a copy of his Camtasia 8.1 program on my laptop so that I could practice and create online webinars and MP4 recordings of my courses.

    Until today, I would attempt to create a screen capture video and would “chicken out”, because I did not know how to use the software yet. Okay, Okay, I know that sounds nuts, but too often my primitive brain tells me “You don’t know how to do that!” “People will laugh at you or criticize your feeble attempt.” “You should wait until you can buy “Camtasia for Dummies, so you can do it RIGHT!” Yada! … Yada! … Yada!

    Well today, after listening to you work with Jean on today’s Body Image Study Call, I decided that I was smart too! And it was time to do an imperfect practice run for my first training video using my new Camtasia software. Yea! I did it. I now have an imperfect MP4 training video! It will be fun to do another take on it, because I have the first one done.

    If you’re wondering how I feel about myself right this minute … I’m Amazing and Smart! Hallelujah and Amen.

  • ImagineMore

    Hi Cathy and Rick. Tonight’s call on “Dealing With Change: Uncertainty” was perfectly timed. In fact, I’ve already downloadeed the MP3. I plan to listen and tap along, with this recording, every day, to keep me grounded, grateful, and re-framing my situation.

    I am so amazed how well, I am feeling today. Yes, I still tapped and cried a few times but I’m Safe and did not abandoned myself. In fact, today I actually accomplished without too much anxiety the following: (1) I connected with a training colleague today and shared that I lost a contract that would have supplied me with summertime income. She responded that she would be willing to brainstorm some income options with me this week. (2) I sent emails requesting letters of recommendation from 3 recent teaching/training managers (3) I located 4 temporary employment agencies where I can submit my resume (4) Compiled a list of several local colleges with openings for the 2014-2015 school year and (5) Updated my resume.

    I think “My Primitive Brain” and I are starting to experience some small shifts in our thinking and acting. It’s a miracle, for sure. Oh that I would have this space to connect, be heard authentically, encouraged and provided with tools that will change my life and the lives of others, is such a wonderful blessing.


      Woohoo! Awesome sauce! I would call those major shifts, and they feel really proactive and co-creative to me, too. Congrats!

  • ImagineMore

    Over the past few day, I have been experiencing intense feelings of loneliness, isolation, and “no
    one really cares about me”!

    As I look back, I realize that it’s always been like this for me. I realize that I really don’t have any
    friends to hang out with who have similar or complimentary interests because they are far away and I WOULD NEED money to get there.

    This feeling of intense loneliness is now further complicated by lack of financial resources to go somewhere, visit people or do something to amuse myself. In fact, some of my thoughts lately have centered on noticing that because I have so few connections, if something happened to me, no one would know for days or weeks. I really would live to have friends all over the world and in my neighborhood and someone special in my life.

    I am feeling an achy, dull tension in the crown of my head and my stomach. I am sensing that underneath this feeling of loneliness is a fear of dying broke, unloved and alone. This brings tears to my eyes. I don’t want to be a burden to my family, but, I really wish I could go live with one of them until I feel financially grounded again, – OR – find someone compatible to live with – OR – be able to rent a place where I could find someone compatible to live with me.

    Rick and Cathy, I know the loneliness is heavily impacting my lack of financial resources.

    What’s coming up right now is ,“It’s only you. You don’t have children, a husband, a man-friend to be responsible to love and care for” so why do you expect there is going to be responsible to care for you.” This saddens me greatly. I am tapping in between writing these thoughts, but this is feeling really heavy right now.

    I would love some help with this on today’s Love & Relationships Call.


    P.S. Yes, the guilt about allowing myself to be so needy is back. The shame about exposing my feeling of intense loneliness and brokenness, and broke financial state is humiliating even as I write these words, BUT I want to heal more than wanting to run from these feelings. Besides, I realize that hiding, stuffing and pretending these emotions “don’t exist or matter”, are destroying my chance for healing, wholeness and freedom.

  • ImagineMore

    Rick, thanks for today’s call. I’m going to listen to your sage words again later and tap again. I hate feeling financially broke and lonely too. One is difficult enough, but both of them at one time is more than overwhelming. Thank God for you, Cathy and the those in the Thriving Now Group Coaching Tribe.

    P.S. Your trip sounded delicious. I hope you go back to the camp site and spend more time enjoying the time in the outdoors and with your partner. Hugs.

  • ImagineMore

    Rick and Cathy, this Thriving Now Team is a wonderful place where I can feel safe, comforted and empowered to “just be real”! That’s almost a miracle, as I’m tired of just looking good on the outside and shriveling up and dying on the inside. Although it’s not still easy, with The Team, I don’t have to “dress up” my feelings or “make nice” my words to make them acceptable.
    I can finally, say and express how I really feel, with the knowledge that with your coaching and the supportive container of the Tribe, I have the
    opportunity, environment and tools to at least get to “neutral” in what’s often debilitating emotions.

    it’s amazing! Just getting to “Neutral” and discharging some of the incapacitating emotions make me want to continue ‘my work’. It’s a blessing. This Emotional Freedom Approach is a True and Authentic Gift of the Highest Order for me. Each day, I’m learning to trust that I
    don’t have to remain “stuck”, depressed, isolated and even broke, for long.

    I look forward to the day when I will have the skill in EFT and the emotional freedom capacity, to move up the vibrational scale at will, to experience Hopefulness, Optimism, Positive Expectation/Belief, Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness, Passion, and Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation more often in the moments of my life. I so want that! I really want to experience this in all areas of my life!!! And, I am so grateful, that most of the time, I am able to get myself to “Neutral” with my current level of EFT skills (and Thriving Now Audio Library) (LOL) Blessings!

    P.S. The intense feeling of being alone and lonely is down from 10+ to a 3 right here and right now. Hallelujah and Amen.


      Yay! So happy for you!

      Neutral doesn’t get the credit she deserves. 😉 I mean, neutral is filled with vast potential!

      You have a stronger asking for Tribe than many. You’ve ALLOWED yourself to feel the longing for Abundance, moments of shared gratitude and connection… more. That ASKING can lead you… WILL lead you… out of the gravitational pull of isolation into new spaces where love and touch and laughter are welcome! Tears, too.

      Thank you for being a vibrational leader… Big hugs!

      • ImagineMore

        Big Hugs to you, too.

  • ImagineMore

    Hi Cathy & Rick,
    I want to transition to a coaching/trainer business for women who want to transition from being formerly corporate to coach, consultant and entrepreneur by leveraging the knowledge gained in their former position.

    I have a very small list and I need a steady stream of clients. I’m looking to work with someone who has a step-by-step business coaching model that I can learn and then customize to make it my own.

    I’ve been looking at the programs offered by Pamela Bruener, Kendall Summerhawk, and Elizabeth Purvis. Are their any programs that you can recommend that will still work well with the emotional freedom coaching available in Thriving Now.

    I intended to raise my hand and ask this question on tonight’s open call, but I fell asleep while tapping along with Cathy as she was working with someone (maybe Jean). Anyway, I just woke up and the call was over. I guess I needed the rest after my LONG day as a Substitute Teacher for 10 Pre-K (4 years-old) learners. (LOL)

    I would appreciate any guidance you can offer.


      Hi! We answered your question at the end of the call, around the 55-60 min point.

      • ImagineMore

        Thank you, I’ll listen to the call.

        • ImagineMore

          Thank you, @thrivingnow:disqus, I listened to the call. I visited Brendon Burchard’s website. Suprizingly, I realized today that I have had his “Golden Ticket” book on my bookshelf for years. LOL. I love this group. Thank you!

  • ImagineMore

    Hi @thrivingnow:disqus

    I’m feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over me. On Thursday, 9/4/14 (2nd day of school) as a Substitute Teacher for 10 Pre-K, one of the 4 years-old while having a tantrum, kicked me in my right leg just above the ankle, I lost my balance and I fell to the floor. I was sent to an urgent care facility, examined, x-rayed, diagnosed (contusion of back, lumbar pain, contusion of ankle) given pain medication and sent home to report to the school’s compensation physician on 9/5/14.

    I am in pain and Very Angry. I am angry at myself for having to take such a low paying position just to pay my basic living expenses. I am mad at the parent of this little boy for not helping him to transition to school better, expecially since she stated that he cried and acted out throughout Pre-K3. I’m sad, that I have to take care of myself, all by myself. There is NO ONE to help take care of me even for a couple of days. Yes, this has triggered the deep feeling of loneliness and not feeling cared for again.

    Once again, I am so tired of feeling and being alone! And NOW I AM IN PAIN, and ALONE! I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!


      I’m sorry you’re in pain and alone. That is so difficult on our primitive brain. It reacts by making the situation “intolerable” — that is what seems to be happening from an energy perspective. By making it intolerable, it can make “tolerable” things like solving the pain through being with people that otherwise are not right for us. “Anything is better than being alone!!! I hate this!”

      I know that you are wanting more.

      When I have been alone and in pain, with no one there to help get me water or assist me, those are honestly the times when my connection to Source, my Guides, my spiritual circle have developed deeper strength. It has started with acknowledging what is and accepting what is… the essence of “tapping on it.” Then going deeper within myself to where *I* am not abandoning me, and being open to connecting to the intelligence that is not abandoning me, either.

      I hope this helps.

      P.S. It’s best to use the private team forum for these messages rather than comments on the call schedule. It’s more private and more how it’s intended to be used. Thanks, dear heart.

      • ImagineMore

        Thank you, @rickthrivingnow:disqus. Is there a way to delete my comments. If so, I will delete my very sensitive comments from this page today. In the future. I will use the forum. However, just having a place and people to share, especially without judgement or feeling bad because I am thinking/feeling this way, lessens the trauma. I have seldom felt comfortable sharing how I really feel. Never seemed appropriate for most people in my life. Now, at least, I have the gift of sharing (here or forum) acknowledging how I feel, tap on it, let the energy flow and move on.


          You are, of course, welcome to leave the messages here if you want. I believe at the end of your name line there is a small down triangle… if there is, an option there is delete.

          • ImagineMore

            Thank you.

  • ImagineMore

    Tonight’s call was excellent and timely. I just printed the informtionGiving and receiving difficult conversations are usually tough and often avoided. I’m looking forward to practicing and growing emotionally free. Hugs.


    P.S. What is the new course, Rick & Cathy? When will it start? Details Please? Inquiring minds want to know. Hugs! (LOL)

    • Cathy

      The new course will be coming out soon… and we’ll be asking for feedback on what you want covered! Can’t wait!!

      I’m really glad the call helped you!

  • ImagineMore

    Just listened to “How To Create The Courage to Tell Your Story” with Bart Queen. Powerful call. Please share when the date and the time for the calls. I would really love to participate on the live call.