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Just a quick reminder that Reprogram Your Primitive Brain is closing today at midnight. If you’ve been considering joining us, click here now and get your “seat”! We’re not sure when we’ll be offering this again, and we know what a difference retraining your brain can make. Imagine starting the fall with a whole new […]

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Reprogram Your Primitive Brain

We heard back from soooo many people that money is a real challenge for them right now. Having the parking brake on for so long has made their finances their core issue. We really appreciate all those who vulnerably shared their situation with us. We’ve decided to offer a way for you to participate in […]

My Father Drank To Cope…


My father drank to cope. His way of coping cut me and my brothers and sister off from the best parts of him. He coped with life’s many challenges using alcohol and food and inappropriate sex and purchases and power over people. He never was unable to have an emotionally vulnerable conversation with any of us eight kids.

Rick Wilkes – Private Coaching – Scheduling & Payment


Rick Wilkes helps people work through their emotional and physical pain to connect to their inner guidance. As an Emotional Freedom Coach and Trauma and Pain Relief Specialist with over 18 years of experience, he uses intuition and a deep understanding of human nature to bring relief, clarity, and insight to those looking for a better way.

Wage Slave? TGIF! Boss? TGIF!


It’s Friday… TGIF! Right? Isn’t that what life’s about? Work HARD all week and survive until 5 o’clock Friday? Then we’re “free” for two whole days! For the wage slave… whether the shackles are rusty crusty or the handcuffs are golden, there is no emotional freedom in this dynamic. And for the Boss… well, he’s tied […]

Why Isn’t Money Easier?

Shackled Money Under Lock And Key

Guilt and Shame are so present around money that some people say they don’t have any blocks there… they’s be delighted to be a millionaire! It’s only after digging a bit deeper that they find hidden layers…

Quick Announcement and a Favor


We’ve had such an amazing 6-week ride with the Reprogram Your Primitive Brain course that we’re now ready to dive in and connect with you again! And based on your feedback from the last survey you so generously answered, we decided to focus on financial issues… since that’s where so many of you are wanting […]