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Rick Wilkes

Rick Wilkes is an EFT Tapping Expert who coaches people of all ages and lifestyle orientations to transform their emotional world so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence. He’s a leader in the development of simple and profoundly effective emotional technologies that release emotional and physical pain. He loves helping clients in over 77 countries by phone, Skype, and internet to feel the clarity of their own inner guidance. Gliding scale sessions are available.

Sweet Simple Sleep…

Sleep Now...

Last night I listened to the first Guided Visualization in the Sleep Now program… and I slept all night with a sacred level of inner peace. Cathy and I are deeply grateful to those who are co-creating this sweet energy with us. The door is open. The invitation is yours… here… now. If you’d like […]

Do you have a CLUTTER problem?


A person definitely has a clutter problem when all the stuff in their home, office, and inbox drains their energy a lot more than it gives them joy. The things people have around them can add comfort, ease, abundance, and playfulness… but when they go from enhancing their life, to being AN EMOTIONAL DRAIN on […]

Are your emotions CONTAGIOUS?


Are your emotions CONTAGIOUS? Mine certainly were, and I didn’t understand why. I’d be sitting ALONE in my office, far away from everyone else in the building. There would be a software bug, and POW! I would feel this surge of emotion. Anger. Frustration. Rage at the ridiculousness of wasting so much time on a […]

Who IS that person?!?!


Who IS that person?!?! I’ve said things I cannot BELIEVE came out of my mouth. You, too? I’ve committed to myself that I would do something important to my well-being and found myself procrastinating or distracting myself with Facebook and web surfing. You, too? I’ve at times wanted to curl up in a ball, or […]

Authenticity Requires Vulnerability


Encased in a shell, or locked inside the walls of an emotional castle, who gets to know who we really are? NO ONE! NOT EVEN OURSELVES! And that is terribly sad to me. I want to know who you really are… and to know who I really am… and to know who we are in relationship to one another.



The Tapping World Summit 2015 starts tomorrow, Monday, at 8pm EST. If you have yet to sign up, it is not too late. Even if you’re really super busy, and perhaps especially if you are really super stressed, there IS at least one session over the 11 days that can open up new possibilities for […]