Are You Ready To Transform Your Relationships?

We all have times when we feel it… the tight muscles, the clenching stomach, the sweaty palms, and the mental confusion… Oh, no, not again!

When one of our relationships is “off”, whether it’s romantic, friendship, work, or family… our heart hurts, too. And our heads.

It’s easy for people to feel like they aren’t doing a good job… That they aren’t good people, or even that they don’t deserve love.

What if all those reactions were just a sign that you had the parking brake on in your relationship? What if you could, in less time than it takes to watch a silly sitcom, learn what’s holding you back?!

Can you imagine your muscles relaxing as you see a simple solution to the conflict? Can you feel your heart opening up, and a warm smile lighting up your face as you realize you can bring ease and love to your relationships? And you can do it without giving up a part of yourself or being fake.

Then imagine that you get to feel that relief and power every day. And you get to role model the simple (but mostly unknown) approaches for your partner, co-workers… even for your kids. How would your day feel if you knew that you’d be interacting with confident, loving, and open people?

r10x-Online-JoinIf you want to learn how to take the parking brake off in your relationships, and start seeing those warm, happy smiles on faces all around you, watch Reid’s fourth and final video today.

I want to thank you for being on this journey with me, too. The last 4 days, focusing on relationships, have been enriching and delightful. Thank you for all the beautiful responses we’ve gotten from you. Rick and I love knowing we’re walking with such amazing, powerful, and curious people on this journey.

I hope you find amazing transformation as you tap through. And for those of you this resonates for, we have another gift…

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Let’s do some tapping

Karate Chop: Even though I have felt tense and afraid about connecting in the past, there are skills and practices that can make this easier.

Even though my body has felt the stress, I can help it know it’s done a good job, and allow it to relax and enjoy the warm easy connection I can help create now.

Even though I have old grief about connections never made, and connections gone wrong, I can forgive myself and (maybe) others, and let myself connect anew, right now.

Top of the Head: I was tense in the past.
Eyebrow: My body and mind were afraid.
Side of the Eye: They were confused about what was going wrong.
Under the Eye: They didn’t know how to connect easily.
Under the Nose: They didn’t know how to be safe.
Chin: No wonder I used to be stressed!
Collarbone: No one ever taught me how to do this…
Under the Arm: But I expected myself to get this perfect.

Top of the Head: I send myself gentle love and forgiveness.
Eyebrow: I let myself know I did my best.
Side of the Eye: I really did the best I knew how.
Under the Eye: I send my body and mind soothing energy.
Under the Nose: I let them know I love them…
Chin: And that it’s ok to be loved.
Collarbone: I invite them to relax and open up.
Under the Arm: I invite them to play.

Top of the Head: I won’t always get it “right” with other people.
Eyebrow: I can learn new skills.
Side of the Eye: And I can remind myself that I’m there for me.
Under the Eye: I can practice self-acceptance…
Under the Nose: Even when I feel somewhat awkward.
Chin: I used to think Awkward was bad…
Collarbone: But now I remind myself…
Under the Arm: Awkward means I’m doing something new.
Top of the Head: Awkward means I’m growing.

Take a deep breath.

As you take another breath, let calm warmth fill your body. Let old tensions flow away, and let love and appreciation fill you. You have done a GREAT job with this. Most people stay stuck, repeating the same patterns over a life-time. You’ve dug in, you’ve tapped, and you’re looking at this a new way.

Allow yourself to relax and “be” with the new perspective. Allow yourself to enjoy the subtle differences as you interact with people now. Small changes can add up to a big and beautiful change in your life!

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Warm wishes and Congratulations on doing so much to make your life better!