5 Myths That Leave People Stuck and Floundering In Their Relationships

Did you get to watch Reid Mihalko’s video on Two Outdated Beliefs That Leave Relationships Struggling!? There are some great pointers there to improve your relationship and make your holidays bright. I love his sense of humor and his unique perspective on relationships. Learning from Reid has brought so much more ease into my life!

If you missed it, the link is here:

Reid’s releasing a new video today on 5 Myths That Leave People Stuck and Floundering In Their Relationships. Understanding these myths will help you decode and untangle your relationship and get you on the fast track to love and intimacy.

I love that feeling in my brain when I uncover and understand a myth that just hasn’t been working… but that I could never see through before. When we can get aligned with reality (rather than the stories we’ve been fed), we have lots more power and focus.

If you’re feeling lonely and isolated this holiday season, start by giving yourself the gift of watching this free video. Understanding what’s really happening in relationships can make all the difference in the world.

5_Myths_thumbnailClick the link below to watch Reid’s video on 5 Myths That Leave People Stuck and Floundering In Their Relationships here:


Then tap along with this to help clear your energy around relationships!

Karate Chop: Even though part of me has given up… I’m not sure I’ll ever get this right… part of me has never given up hope and longs for the love and warmth I dream of.

Even though I’ve tried really hard, and part of me is frustrated and confused… what if I’ve just been looking at this wrong the whole time… what if love is there for me to have, just for the asking?

Even though I’m afraid it will be too much work, what if it could be easy and fun to love again?

Top of the Head: I remember how it used to feel…
Eyebrow: Full of hope and delight.
Side of the Eye: Over time, it felt like I failed, over and over.
Under the Eye: And I started to believe…
Under the Nose: Love isn’t for me.
Chin: I started to feel kind of hopeless.
Collarbone: I started to feel heavy when I thought of love.
Under the Arm: I was afraid it wasn’t for me.

Top of the Head: Maybe I had stuff in the way…
Eyebrow: Old experiences.
Side of the Eye: Things people told me.
Under the Eye: If I kept baking a cake at 500 degrees…
Under the Nose: It would NEVER come out.
Chin: No matter how many times I tried!
Collarbone: What if I could learn upgrades…
Under the Arm: So my cake would come out perfect almost every time?

Top of the Head: I have tried hard.
Eyebrow: I appreciate that I never gave up.
Side of the Eye: I have a very loving heart!
Under the Eye: I have courage and generosity!
Under the Nose: And it’s time to learn better skills…
Chin: So I can get out of my own way…
Collarbone: And allow the love I’ve always wanted.
Under the Arm: It’s time for me to break free of old myths…
Top of the Head: And find deep, warm love!

Take a deep breath.

What do you notice in your body? Is there a sense of relief? You have been trying so hard, and you are courageous and brave to keep going. Your heart always knew you deserved love, even if you didn’t get much before.

We’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to REPLY or comment and share your thoughts and feelings.

And if you haven’t, go watch Reid’s second video now!


I’ll see you tomorrow with Video 3 and some more tapping.

This is your time to heal your heart and your relationships!
xx Cathy