A 36 Hour Challenge…

Have you noticed how fast life can go by?

It’s easy for one day to pass into another. It’s all too common for people to get in ruts and keep repeating patterns, never breaking out or doing anything different.

We don’t want that for you. You’re already breaking out of ruts but being interested in tapping and clearing old blocks to live a new life.

We love that about you… we know you have the courage and curiosity to make a difference in your life. And sometimes the pure, unadulterated stubbornness (I know it got me through some tough times!) to never give up.

Anniversaries, birthdays, deadlines, can all give us the awareness of time passing that we might miss under normal circumstances. After all, life is busy and there are so many things to take care of.

It doesn’t matter what action you take, as long as it aligns with who you are and what you want to create. It’s just important to do SOMETHING a bit different, a bit better, a bit outside your comfort zone. Because that’s when old energies get shaken off and new, joyful patterns get created.

We started putting deadlines and extra “thank you’s” on our products because we want to encourage people to make a difference NOW. Someday just never seems to get here, and our effort and caring won’t help anyone unless they tune in.

You can even borrow our deadline! If you are drawn to our program on Healing Guilt and Shame Around Money, please join the hundreds of people working through their issues now, and finding surprising releases (we even added a bonus live call to the package to help create more momentum).


If that isn’t your cup of tea… wonderful! We’re glad you have clarity. If you’d like to use our deadline, what can you do by Wednesday 5/7 at midnight that will change your energy and perspective? In the next 36 hours or so, can you carve out a bit of time to do something different and empowering?!

It doesn’t have to be big… it just has to be right for you. Say something you’ve been wanting to say, clean something up that you’ve been meaning to clean, tap on that pesky issue… it all adds up!

If you’d like some help, we have a free teleclass tomorrow night you can attend. We’ll be doing coaching and tapping on the Top 3 Blocks That Keep You Stuck Around Money. There is no charge – just our gift to you for your courage and your willingness to make a difference!


Warm Abundant Wishes,
Cathy and Rick

P.S. You are amazing. Few people are willing to look at life and their patterns this deeply. Its people like you who allow new freedoms and create possibilities. Thank you! You inspire us to dig deep and create the best we have to offer.