2012-10 Team Call Recordings

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Team Call 2012-10-01 Open Call

– Vortex of elation
– Tree beauty
– Block to reading when I am “supposed” to
– My entitled daughter who I share with my ex

Team Call 2012-10-07 Financial Abundance Study Group

Team Call 2012-10-10 Choosing Joy

Team Call 2012-10-13 Open Call

– Contact improv dance
– Frustration with my body image
– If I have to do it myself, I’m a lonely loser… right?
– Heart warmth

Team Call 2012-10-14 Love & Relationships Study Group

– Guilt over making mistakes with my son
– Pointing out my negatives
– Transparency and positive aspects
– Trying to stay out of my Life Sucks zone
– Human Being Day

Team Call 2012-10-16 Open Call

– Coasting since my move
– Insomnia
– Gap between me and my husband
– Food sensitivities

Team Call 2012-10-24 Open Call

– New career… freezing when I get down to nitty gritty
– Dealing with criticism
– Being Out There

Team Call 2012-10-27 Taming Your Spooky Fears

– Stop and look at our fears
– I had to have one eye open
– He has to be here to protect me
– Fear about getting vulnerable
– Sharing with others… and they turn away
– I have to radiate smart

Team Call 2012-10-28 Body Image Study Group

Team Call 2012-10-31 Open Call

– Rick rib pain
– Last few days falling back into tension
– I give my body permission to relax
– Anger and self-blame in my stomach
– Vulnerability… and walking the new walk
– Feel lost… how to move towards contentment and play