2012-09 Team Call Recordings

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Team Call 2012-09-01 Open Call

– Procrastinating about certain things
– Lifestyle design – spiritual energy management
– Crown chakra
– Comfortable nest and invitations
– Who am I as a person? Friendly, helping, enthusiastic, optimistic

Team Call 2012-09-02 Love & Relationships Study Group

Team Call 2012-09-04 How I Feel Is Not Who I Am

– Just because we feel something, doesn’t make it who we are
– Changing associations from negative self-talk to positive reflection
– Depleted!
– Exceptionally bitter and aggressive feelings
– Tired of my own stories, getting out there

Team Call 2012-09-09 Financial Abundance Study Group

– Recently hired LOUD salesperson
– Reluctance about my website
– So clear… boundaries
– Kids: I want to give them EVERYTHING

Team Call 2012-09-13 Romance 101

– 5 Love Languages
– 5 Languages of Apology
– Boundaries & Pleasing other people
– Obligation

Team Call 2012-09-15 Open Call

– Food, emotions, and how I digest everything
– Headache every month
– Energy in, energy out, recalibrate
– Goddess cycle rituals
– Rollercoaster… building up to this

Team Call 2012-09-16 Love & Relationships Study Group

– Massage and time together
– 5 Love Languages follow-up
– Preparing for hypothetical situations
– Unable to get through to him about what he’s feeling emotionally

Team Call 2012-09-19 Open Call

– Crick in my neck
– “It really is safe this time.”
– Issues going back to my own home town… not my tribe
– Being myself
– Don’t want to slow down
– Website listing on internet after 7 days of them being stupid

Team Call 2012-09-23 Body Image Study Group

– Constant feeling of tension in my shoulders and butt
– Things to be skeptical about
– Ugly… pain… redefining BEAUTY
– Don’t see a way out…
– Where the fuck were you!?!?

Team Call 2012-09-26 Open Call

– Beliefs: That is DUMB
– Only people who make money around here are white people
– Doing something quite strange in conversations with my husband
– “I am” statements, especially “I am safe.”
– Anger, upset, and follow-up on internet website issues

Team Call 2012-09-30 Love & Relationships Study Group

– I’m asking too much, It’s my fault and I need to fix it
– I want to attract a guy to have fun with
– Diving filtering