2011-02 Team Call Recordings

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Team Call 2011-02-03 Old Rules About Weight Loss
– Dieting is HARD
– I hate being DEPRIVED
– RULES… and more RULES
– Must be All or NOTHING
– Mindful eating

Team Call 2011-02-05 Open Call
Don’t want to go back to work
– Clenching my jaw
– You know better than that
– Ignoring physical hunger
– Releasing tension (guided meditation)

Team Call 2011-02-06 Financial Abundance Study Group
– I have to be exactly like my father
– What have I done? Going outside my comfort zone
– Feeling valuable
– I don’t want to be obsessed like my father
– Gift gone wrong
– They’ll take it away
– Distracting myself from success
– Setting boundaries

Team Call 2011-02-08 Open Call
I should have known better!
– How to trust my intuition…
– I can’t read my body, I’m missing something
– I can’t visualize a positive future
– Moving too fast

Team Call 2011-02-12 Allowing Love
– All on my own
– Second hand love
– Love from others isn’t safe
– Crust around my heart, protecting me

Team Call 2011-02-13 Body Image Study Group
– Always fighting to make up for being powerless
– I thought they traded me in!
– I HATE my body
– Enjoying the process of being pregnant
– What will they think?!

Team Call 2011-02-16 Open Call
– Private or group?
– Wall: metaphor for where I am
– Playing the organ… lost interest
– Ache of Potential
– Scattered… reached for chocolate to connect

Team Call 2011-02-18 Open Call
No sleep for me, I’m still listening for Dad
– Always worrying about what others think of me
– I shouldn’t be feeling this much pain
– Afraid to want a partner

Team Call 2011-02-20 Financial Abundance Study Group
– What dollar amount would make you feel safe?
– Dependent on returning and initiating phone calls
– Inner experience… Beauty, Comfort, Flow
– I was FORCED to perform… and don’t want to force myself ever again

Team Call 2011-02-28 Open Call
I don’t do rest
– Turning judgement on myself
– If I ask for something I will never get it
– Old energies ready to go
– I don’t deserve help, I should be able to do it all alone