2007-06 Team Call Recordings

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Team Call 2007-06-08
– Anger
– Issue resurfacing
– Listening to the body
– Kidney pain
– More listening to the body as a barometer
– Popped knee
– Surrogate tapping

Team Call 2007-06-10A
– Ringing in my ears
– Spiritual, audible frequencies
– Hard of hearing
– If Not Afraid…

Team Call 2007-06-10B
– Knees went on me
– Listening and creating visualization that activates optimal body chemistry, neurology, hormones, power
– Belly jumping
– Scared…
– Disconnected feeling after air travel

2007-06-13 team call was not recorded.

Team Call 2007-06-15
– Muscle testing nutrition choices
– This anxiety
– Nervous
– “Must be something wrong with me!”
– Belly swollen, skin itchy
– Worse then better

Team Call 2007-06-20

– Zumba!
– Vibration of cars
– Want to change how I see things
– Sin to be happy…
– Changing energy of spaces

Team Call 2007-06-21

– Big business developments
– Carried away with enthusiasm
– They are worried for me… that i’ll be disappointed
– In the Fear pocket
– Who are you kidding! Are you crazy?

Team Call 2007-06-24

– All kinds of body sensations
– Kundalini energy rising… and side effects
– Maybe doing a little too much
– Walmart energy
– Sensitive and nurturing
– Feeling guilty about not finishing what I start

Team Call 2007-06-26

– Fear of being hurt again
– Feels like I’m not good enough
– Guilty saying no, he’s trying so hard
– Heart aches… and that means I’m not fixed… and I’m supposed to be!
– Emotional guidance system
– Body No… Kidneys… PISSED OFF!
– How to soothe/comfort client having very intense reaction who is very BUSY