2 Outdated Beliefs That Leave Relationships Struggling

So often, people decide they know something, and stick with it, despite all kinds of evidence to the contrary. Whether the belief is that the world is flat, that women belong in the kitchen (we belong where ever we want to be!), or that eating the crusts on your sandwich will give you curly hair (I believed that one until I was 14… thanks, Grandma! ;))

Some of those mistaken beliefs are harmless or silly. And some of them can hold people frozen and block them from ever achieving the love and connection they deserve.

I’ve found that it’s sometimes the things people don’t question that cause the most frustration and angst in life. It’s those things that make it seem like they’re driving around with the parking brake on. They KNOW something is making love hard, but they don’t know WHAT. They try harder. They struggle. Sometimes they give up.

I want you to be able to take the parking brake off your life. You deserve to update your beliefs and find a beautiful, natural way of connecting with loved ones… A way that is authentic and genuine. And if you’re not in a romantic relationship right now, I still encourage you to watch and tap. This information is useful for ALL relationships, and knowing how to nurture a romantic relationship can create ease around finding that special someone, too!

Over the next few days, we’ll be sending you email with links to some videos Reid Mihalko recorded for you that will offer a new perspective and a fun, easy way of relating. We’ll include some tapping to help you anchor the new beliefs, too.

I’ve been using Reid’s approach for the last two years, and have been amazed at the difference in my friendships, work relationships, and dating life. Listening to his ideas will improve your love life forever… and bring more warmth, magic and delight in your relationships with your partners, friends, and family. I’ve gone from hesitant, awkward, and impossibly shy to really enjoying connecting and delighting in the warmth I find all around me.

Outdated Beliefs That Leave Relationships StrugglingWill you join me?

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To be transparent, at the end of the video series Reid will introduce a program that he’s selling. And please know that Rick and I are using affiliate links for his program, that means if someone purchases his program, we will earn a share. We are committed to sharing only the best quality and value information with you. We know your time, energy, and money is important, and we honor your trust and attention. Cathy has been through Reid’s program in detail and found it insightful, powerful, and worth far more than its price.

You may know Reid from the programs he’s done with Rick and I on Thriving Now. He’s a relationship expert and the founder of Relationship10x. He’s down-to-earth, practical, and funny. And the information he’s sharing makes a powerful difference in relationships. He gets down to the nitty-gritty fast, and offers practical and playful suggestions to get your relationship turned around… and turned on!

Reid’s techniques are surprisingly easy to learn and to implement. He gives you new perspectives that open the door to what you want from your relationships, without a lot of work, fuss, or bother.

The coolest thing is that he’s offering 3 of his best tips for free, over the next few days. A gift to you, to make your holidays more joyful and fun. Give yourself the gift of new skills and ease this holiday season, too. You and your loved ones deserve it! Imaging erasing old struggles and conflicts, clearing up old resentments, and finding new, authentic connection this holiday!!

See Reid’s unexpected and solid gold perspective here:


Then come back and tap along with this!

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve started to wonder if my relationship was as good as it gets, I wonder if I have some outdated beliefs about love and connection.

Even though I have made so many improvements in my self-esteem and self-expression, I did absorb a lot of information I haven’t examined yet… I’m curious what I might uncover in my subconscious about relationships.

Even though I do have love in my life, and I’m grateful, I’m open to taking the parking brake off my heart, and start connecting more easily and effortlessly.

Top of the Head: I started to think that love was hard.
Eyebrow: What if I have been operating on unconscious beliefs?
Side of the Eye: It was easy to adopt limiting beliefs back then.
Under the Eye: They just seem natural to me now.
Under the Nose: And I do deserve love to be easier.
Chin: I’m ready to have less struggling and angst.
Collarbone: Maybe I just need a new perspective…
Under the Arm: And some new skills.

Top of the Head: What if love could be easier?
Eyebrow: What if I could get off the old treadmill,
Side of the Eye: And discover that love is more approachable than I thought?
Under the Eye: It would be fun to let go of the old conflicts.
Under the Nose: It would be delightful to play again.
Chin: I wonder what new thoughts will come to me?
Collarbone: How can I see my loved ones with new eyes?
Under the Arm: I’m grateful for my curiosity…
Top of the Head: And my warm, loving heart!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what your feeling and what comes to you… and feel free to reply and share with us. support@thrivingnow.com

If you haven’t yet, go watch Reid’s first video now. Jot down some notes so you can tap along later.


Warm wishes,